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April, 2004

Autism Report
-- Autistic Children Helped
-- Sweaty and cold hands improved
-- Suspects Gastrointestinal Meridian imbalances
-- My personal Experiences limited
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Autistic Children Helped
Although we do not diagnosis with TFH protocols many practitioners using TFH as part of their methods discuss conditions and use names of syndromes and diseases for convenience of communication, when reporting outcomes of their interventions.
"Troy is a 9 year old boy with Asperger's syndrome (a developmental disorder resembling autistic disorder, characterized by severe impairment of social interactions and by restricted interests and behavior, but lacking in delays of development of language, cognitive function, and self help skills that additionally define autistic disorders. Dorland's 30 edition Medical dictionary JFT). I have been working with him for several months with Touch for Health on a weekly basis. The goals we set relate to having an improvement in his immune system so that he doesn't easily have illness and sicknesses. When he first came under my care it was difficult for him to raise his arm and touch his head due to tightness of what appeared to be the muscle groups related. My first attempt was to work with him with stretching exercises, which didn't seem to help. I decided to use the Touch for Health balancing methods and on examination it was found that he had Trapezius muscle reactive muscle to the Psoas. When this correction was made he was able to move is arm and easily touch his head. I was very amazed by the rapid changes." This was part of a letter to me from Henry Remanly, a Brain Gym Instructor in the city of Semarang, Indonesia.

Sweaty and cold hands improved
Henry goes on "Ferry is another boy age 12, autistic with Sensory integration dysfunction. He is receiving TFH once a week, and it is improving his overall health. One of his complaints was that he always had sweaty and cold hands. He notices that after he has his TFH balancing that his hands always get warm.

More Calm found "Giancarlo is another 6 years old boy diagnosed as autistic with ADHD. Together we set the goal statement for the TFH interventions 'I relax and do my best' he and I both notice an immediate improvement and and he gets calm. That is so amazing to me. "I have also used this goal 'I relax and do my best' with a girl diagnosed with Autism and ADHD and it also gave the same beneficial changes rapidly. She became calm directly."

Suspects Gastrointestinal Meridian imbalances
"I have noticed working with these and other children that the meridians that are out of balance relate to the digestive functions. These meridians functions can be over or under based on the protocols of TFH. I believe that Autism and ADHD may be associated with gastrointestinal malfunctions of meridian energy imbalances based on my experiences."
Thank you Henry Remanly for your anecdotal reports on these children. I hope other readers will send their outcomes from using TFHK interventions that we can share in our newsletter.

My personal Experiences limited
Hopefully by the end of this year we will be calling for people that are using TFHK protocols to report their results on the Internet at our soon to be established research data site. Consider being one of these participants by learning to use the recording methods that are on our new eTouch CD.

I have worked with only a limited number of patients with a diagnosis of Autism. Based on this limited experience I have found similar results as Henry from Indonesia. What I found was necessary in one situation was to use the mother as a surrogate for the child. In doing this, I balanced the mother first for her being a better mother and then balanced her again for other various goals before each surrogate balancing for the autistic child. The mother reported that she felt so much better personally and therefore was able to handle the child 's hyperactivity and could see him in a more favorable light. She reported that the child was able to be put into a regular classroom after the summer of TFH balances. Have any of you reading this worked with children or families that have Autistic children? What has been your experience?

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