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What is Touch for Health Kinesiology?
April 26, 2004

What is Touch for Health Kinesiology?
-- Our language matters
-- But with this same language we can also:
-- TFH provides a methodology
-- Benefits from using TFHK
-- TFHK Annual Meeting


Touch for Health Kinesiology explores the fascinating field of human behavior from the prospective of attitude and posture and all the aspects of human life that contribute to having more of what you were born to accomplish. We recognize how language, symbols and how our physical bodies affect our abilities to adapt, survive and thrive as fully functional individuals.

Our language matters
With language words, symbols and body language (the way we attempt to communicate to others and ourselves) we: Speak, write, read and listen with our whole Soul; Think and express our feelings; Analyze and solve problems; Establish rules, laws, policies, ordinances and standards' Reach agreements, compromises, settlements, resolutions and contracts; Understand and pass on our understandings; Dream, imagine, contemplate, cogitate, deliberate, create, innovate and ponder.
These can cause Stress and Postural distortion. All of these things as we are doing them can cause stress in our Soul, that is everything about us, This stress is expressed in our physical aspect which can be observed by our posture, attitude, stance and can be further observed by individual muscle testing/ monitoring. This observation of the changes in the muscles is related to the subtle energy systems of the Soul.

But with this same language we can also:
Mislead, misinform and misunderstand; Deny, suppress, inhibit, prohibit, and limit; Rule, dictate, terrorize, intimidate, indoctrinate and alienate; Generalize, categorize, stereotype, pigeonhole, and profile; Lie, cheat, steal, quibble, libel, slander, sue and defraud; Perpetuate myths, superstitions, prejudices, feuds and atavistic traditions; Create and exacerbate fear, anxiety, regret, guilt, jealousy, paranoia, suspicion and hate.
These also can cause stress All of these things as we are doing them can also cause stress in our Soul, that is everything about us, In fact these may cause even greater stress, but all things that we do as we communicate can cause stress in our Soul. This stress is expressed in our physical aspect, which can be observed by our posture, attitude, and stance and can be further observed by individual muscle testing/monitoring. This observation of the changes in the muscles is related to the subtle energy systems of the Soul.

TFH provides a methodology
Touch for Health Kinesiology provides a methodology to help us differentiate and integrate our five different aspects of ourselves as a Soul. These are the 5 worldviews that we all have and use to make sense of our lives and have better lives by having balance in the subtle energy systems, which coordinate the functions of our maintaining a positive healthy wholeness of ourselves as Souls.
There is the worldview of 'out there' beyond ourselves, that is always changing, in perpetual process There is the worldview of 'in here' inside our own skins, our nervous system and senses, through which we (only partially) experience the world 'out there' There is the worldview that is not words-the non- verbal world that we can see, hear, taste, smell and touch which changes our posture and attitude as we become aware of this non-word worldview The worldview of words-our verbal world of names, symbols, labels, opinions, assumptions, categories, values, beliefs, 'truths,' etc. Then there is the worldview of Spirit Power that is not us or other human beings but is always present and everywhere in the universe and is available for our benefit and for our doing of good, seeing beauty and having power to choose.

Benefits from using TFHK
For we who consciously practice using Touch for Health Kinesiology protocols and methods of goal setting and balancing for how we want to live our lives in a better way the benefits include; More effective, discriminating communications with others and with yourself More appropriate and desirable reactions, responses and adjustments to what occurs (and does not occur) in your five worlds More tolerant, inquisitive, open-minded, "matter-of- fact" outlook and that is less prone to prejudice, stereotyping and dogmatic generalizations A greater degree of moment-to-moment awareness of your own and other' different perspectives More realistic expectations, fewer unexpected surprises, and therefore greater predictability in managing your life, your relationships and yourself so that you will have greater wholeness and health.

Modified for Touch for Health from an information piece from the Institute Of General Semantics which was describing General Semantics, which is a study organization to which I belong. jft

TFHK Annual Meeting
Where is it? This year's meeting will be at The Bright Spot. This is a wholistic healing center. Biomedical Synergistic Institute 3100 Hillside Dr. Wichita, Kansas in the Heartland of the United States. Some of the Institute staff will be presenting at the meeting. Let's meet, greet and discuss exciting new ideas. It is always worthwhile, even if we do not adopt them into our lives. This is the 14th annual meeting of the TFHKA. It is the 29th meeting if you count the annual meetings of the TFH Foundation. The alumni of the TFHF created the TFHKA when the TFHF closed its doors in 1990. Make your plans to attend this CONFERENCE July 21-24, 2004. Pre meeting seminars will be presented as well as post meeting seminars. You can get the details from the site by going to the top and clicking on Conference.

-- John Thie (me) will Keynote Wednesday night July 21 We will be introducing our Research program which has been many years in development. Earl and Gail Cook of Laser Solutions Inc. will be assisting me as they are developing the software and programs to allow this to happen. We will show you how you can participate in sharing data about the use of TFHK. We now have the capacity to gather a lot of data with the eTouch program. We will implement our research project and collect this data online. If you have a computer, PC or MAC, you can start gathering data using the eTouch program. We will be reactivating our Research Club. Matthew will also be on the program, along with other speakers such as Alice Viera, Phd my sister, and others.

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