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Touch for Health Education Newsletter
Back Pain Research
April 26, 2005

-- Touch for Health Reunion Malibu March 27-31 2006
-- John Thie will Keynote at the TFH Conference in North Carolina
-- TFH Kinesiology Association 30th Annual Meeting
-- First Ever TFH Instructor Training in Malibu this August!
-- ITW Requirements and Registration
-- TFH Metaphors In Los Angeles

The next to the last two articles in this issue deal with new research that says some of the ways we have been thinking is outdated. Sometimes what we think is true turns out to be false. We need to change accordingly. When I was practicing as a chiropractor we believed that disc degeneration was the cause of low back pain, now it is often found present with people that have no low back pain, so I had to change my ideas

We have an opportunity to be part of the changing approach to the old biomedical model because what we are doing is a new paradigm, the energy paradigm. We are part of new model of looking at the whole person as an energy relationship. We have new ways of looking at helping people make changes.

Touch for Health Reunion Malibu March 27-31 2006
Feedback from the Reunion has been very positive. People enjoyed the connection with the roots of TFH. John spoke about some of the history, and the latest developments in TFH, balanced the group and demonstrated history-taking and using the eTouch program, and previewed the NEW 30 YEAR REVISION OF THE TOUCH FOR HEALTH MANUAL (In Full Color with all new illustrations and photographs and Fully updated to the IKC syllabus and John's own developments, to be released this August!). Carrie enlivened the group with insights and activities for developing our awareness and skills in Effective Communication. Matthew led the group through exercises that enriched their appreciation of the models and Metaphors of TFH, particularly the Metaphors of Muscles and Meridians, and Demonstrated Assessment Balancing using eTouch and Metaphors with the 24-hour Wheel and Five Elements. Earl and Gail Cook gave extensive entertaining and educational presentations about the eTouch (TFH Software) that they have developed. Toni Gralton gave a wealth of information about the IKC Robert Aboulache, President of the TFH Kinesiology Association brought us all up to date with the latest developments in the USA. Also, Biographer and Historian, Dr. Joe Keating was on hand and gave a very enlightening impromptu presentation on how we can do scientifically acceptable case studies to begin creating a scientific literature on TFH Kinesiology.

We already have the space reserved for next year, so mark your calendar for March 27-31 2006 :). Get your $250 deposit in to secure your space (attendance at Serra Retreat is limited) and receive a substantial discount.

Photos from the 2005 Reunion

John Thie will Keynote at the TFH Conference in North Carolina TFH Kinesiology Association 30th Annual Meeting
I will be speaking about our Research Project using the eTouch Program and the now Functional Internet Gateway developed by Earl and Gail Cook of Laser Solutions Inc. We will show you how you can participate by uploading your sessions to a central database.

We now have the capacity to gather a lot of data with the eTouch program. As the sales of the CD provide us with funds, we will implement our research project and collect this data online. If you have a computer, PC or MAC, you can start gathering data using the eTouch program. We will be reactivating our Research Club and calling on the members to get the eTouch program in order to participate.

TFH Kinesiology Association 30th Annual Meeting
This will be the first time George Goodheart, founder and developer of Applied Kinesiology will be addressing the TFH Conference. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear some of the founding members of the International College of Applied Kinesiology including myself, Sheldon Deal DC, Wally Schmitt, DC. and George Goodheart. Reinforce and enrich your understanding of Kinesiology, and get exposed to some new ideas, which are always worthwhile, even if we do not adopt them into our lives or our practice.
It is expected to be sellout so sign up right away! Matthew will open the conference with an overview of the Growth and Development of TFH over the last 30 years. The International star-studded cast of speakers includes Mary Jo Bulbrook, Jan Cole, Dr. Sheldon Deal, Dr. Bruce Dewe, Arlene Green, Denise Gurney, Sue Hall, Charles Krebs, Adam Lehman, Brendan O'Hara, Gary Peterson, Maurizio Piva, Walter Schmitt, Dale Schusterman, Jon Seskevich, Jerry Teplitz, Hugo Tobar, Wayne Topping, Richard Utt, AND Irene Yachuk Arabei Catherine Carleton- Fitchett.
More About the Speakers!

First Ever TFH Instructor Training in Malibu this August!
TFH Instructor Training Workshop Matthew will teach at the Serra Retreat Center with Wayne Topping August August 17-19 and 22-26, with special appearances by me, John F. Thie There is a 2 day break on Saturday and Sunday for visiting Southern California.
The attendance is limited to 22 people. We already have 22 people who said they plan on attending, but we need to have your deposit of $250 to hold your space! The first 22 registered with deposit will be admitted. Cost for the class will be $1500, with a $250 discount for those who get in their deposit by May 15. This will include room and board for the days we are at the Retreat Center, Wednesday-Friday August 17-19 (Friday night - Sunday night you must make arrangements for other accommodation) Monday Through Friday August 22-26. Call 310 589 5269

ITW Requirements and Registration

Your Instructors: Wayne Topping, IKC Faculty member and Worldwide instructor of TFH, Wellness Kinesiology, Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®), Self Help for Stress and Pain, and other holistic programs. (see for more info.) Matthew Thie, IKC Trainer, Worldwide instructor of TFH and TFH Metaphors, has worked closely with Dr. Thie since 1996.
Requirements: 1. Successful completion of TFH 1-4 with IKC Certificates. 2. Completion of pre-ITW Exam with minimum 75%. 3. WILLINGNESS TO LEARN A LOT THROUGH PARTICIPATION and have fun in a beautiful setting! Matthew will be offering the exam following the Level IV class in Los Angeles July 3 as well as following the TFH REVIEW WEEKEND in Los Angeles, July 30. FEE FOR PRE-EXAM $50.

TFH Metaphors In Los Angeles
Matthew will be offering the TFH Metaphor Workshop in Los Angeles Sat Sun August 27, following the ITW. This is scheduled to take place at Matthew's home, but may need to be relocated to Santa Monica to accommodate all the participants. Cost for the Workshop is $300 with a $50 discount for prepayment.

"Patients often ask if back pain is preventable. Many health care providers, medical organizations, and government agencies assert that it is. And they offer all manner of advice to ward off back symptoms. In the United States, some common recommendations from medical organizations include the following: lose weight, avoid smoking, adopt good posture, strengthen back muscles, adopt appropriate lifting techniques, and avoid heavy occupational exposures. The most widely circulated prevention recommendations have several aspects in common. They are oriented around the "injury model" of low back pain. They invariably endorse the reduction of physical stresses on the spine. And they do not find clear support in the scientific literature. Since the prevention of back pain to date has been a dismal failure, it is high time to reexamine the scientific evidence on prevention and come up with more effective strategies to lighten back pain's grip. Though epidemiological studies have produced a broad list of risk factors for the development of back pain and related disability, the guidelines note that modification of these risk factors may not have a preventive effect..." Backletter Published by Lippincott Williams Wilkins Vol. 20, No. 3, March 2005

Dr. Thie's comment: This issue shows that the "injury model" hasn't worked and the continued use of this model needs to be changed. I believe that with the TFHK model of seek to help the person with back pain look at their entire life and not just the pain we can offer a "different model" related to balancing the meridian system by the use of touch reflexes and muscle testing. My personal experience has been very good. I hope I can hear from some of you that have worked with people that presented with low back pain and what outcomes you have had using TFHK or other Kinesiology methods.


Humans are social animals, and, as such, it is to be expected that acceptance into a group would confer benefits on oneself, whereas rejection would affect one's behavior adversely. Baumeister et al. have performed a set of six experiments to identify the underlying cause of impaired behavior. In this and earlier work, the primary hypothesis has been that social exclusion leads to emotional distress, which in turn has a detrimental impact on task performance. However, in a variety of scenarios, negative mood evoked directly (via bad news) did not affect behavior, and there was no evidence for mood or self-esteem as a mediating factor for the effects of social exclusion on performance. What was observed was a lack of self-regulation, meaning that excluded individuals (in comparison to socially accepted individuals) were less able to drink a healthy but unpleasant-tasting beverage and were more likely to eat unhealthy but tasty snacks. Because the adverse effect of rejection could be ameliorated by introducing a cash incentive for performance, the authors propose that the capacity for self-regulation is intact but that a social rebuff lessens the willingness to make effortful short-term sacrifices in return for longer-term rewards (of good health or a slim physique). Looked at in another way, the consequences of rejection might be reflected at the neural level as a weight that alters the normative balance of decisions when faced with intertemporal choices. - GJC Editors' Choice: 308 (5721)April 21, 2005 2:51:04 PM PDT Gilbert J. Chin from J. Pers. Soc. Psychol. 88, 589 (2005).

Dr. Thie's comment: Can we help people that feel rejected by helping them to know that they are special and OK by balancing them for that goal? I believe that from my personal experience over the last 40 years of using muscle testing and balancing the meridian system that we can help people make better choices and stick with the choices that require delayed gratification rather than immediate rewards. My experience would match the results of the described experiments. What has your experience been in helping yourself or others in making choices that will lead to later rewards by balancing them for goals or other TFH Kinesiology interventions. Sometimes I have found that in order for the change to happen we need to balance the person or ourselves for past wounds and hurts that have been buried alive. For all the years I was practicing chiropractic I found often that balancing the whole person would relieve back pain so that is one reason I developed TFH so that people could realize it was often their choices that contributed to their back pains and these choices may not have been related to the "injury."

MY health is improving. My blood tests are much better and improving. I am feeling stronger and working more. I have rescheduled all my Clinical Intensives and intend to teach them all the rest of this year and next. If you are praying or giving me surrogate balances or other energy work from a distance, thank you very much and I will appreciate your continued gifts. I know that these efforts by you have helped me in overcoming this situation. I am not yet well and continue to follow a well designed program of recovery. For all of you who have sent suggestions thank you. I am staying with my present program as it seems to be working well.

We have scheduled the next Touch for Health Reunion, for anyone that has completed at least TFH 1-3, for March 27-31 2006 at Serra Retreat in Malibu California. I felt good doing all five of the opening sessions of the program this year. We had a lot of compliments on the relaxed programming schedule. There will be limited space again so if you want to come sign up early.

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