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Risks from Radiation if you have Full-Body Scan
December 8, 2004

-- Risks from Radiation if you have Full-Body Scans
-- Risks are real and costs are high in dollars for the tests
-- Benefits are there if you have symptoms
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-- Matthew Teaching Metaphors, Basic TFH 1-4 and ITW in Puerto Rico

Read the information about full body scans, it is scary to see the medical profession promoting this dangerous procedure for symptomless people, when it can be so helpful when a confirmation of a diagnosis needs to be made. It doesn't do what they imply in their advertisements.

Matthew has had a very productive training trip to China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand (he is in NZ right now). The reception by Kinesiology advocates to the Metaphor approach has been more than we anticipated. If you are not yet familiar with this addition to Kinesiology think about purchasing the eTouch CD and the book Touch for Health and the Five Element Metaphors. It is available in 6 languages. We hope all of you will enjoy a prosperous healthy New Year.

Risks from Radiation if you have Full-Body Scans
Here in California we are having a lot of advertising by the medical profession for Full-Body Scans as a means of finding cancer before symptoms appear, but a new report suggests that the radiation doses delivered by these tests are high enough to cause cancer. A report in a recent issue of the journal Radiology, David J. Brenner, PhD. And Carl D. Elliston, MA, provided lifetime estimates of the risks associated with having one or repeated full-boy scans.

"If a 45-year old adult has one screening full-body scan, then many years down the line, one in 1,200 will die from a radiation-induced cancer." Explained Dr Brenner to Healthfacts Newsletter in a telephone interview. He further said, "A screening test is only going to be useful, if it is given annually or biannually. If 45 year-old has annual full-body scans until the age of 75 years then one in 50 will die of a radiation-induced cancer. Dr. Brenner is a radiation biologist, that is, a specialist in the health effects of radiation on the human body.
John Thie

Risks are real and costs are high in dollars for the tests
These computed tomography or CT scans for symptomless people are relatively new and cost around $1000. Insurance companies and HMOs usually do not pay for these as the benefit is yet to be proven. Screening cans lead to false alarms and unnecessary, sometimes risky testing and biopsies.

The reason for the high radiation dose is that the machine fires in beams of rays from different directions providing 3D images.

Benefits are there if you have symptoms
These modern methods often confirm a diagnosis, which would outweigh the radiation risk. If you have lung symptoms you would only have exposure to the lungs or if the symptoms related to the stomach then only a smaller aspect of the body would be exposed and thus less radiation damage.

The Food and Drug Administration of the USA has information on its site that says that one CT scan of the abdomen is equivalent of 500 chest X-rays. This web site says that a scan will not give you peace of mind (what the ads imply or say directly) because a normal finding may erroneously be identified as cancer or a "clean bill of Health" may be inaccurate. To read why the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is against the use of screening heart scans for calcium in the coronary arteries, go to uspasacad.htm

Consider being a part of our pilot study of Kinesiology Outcomes
We need to discover if our hypothesis that staying in subtle energy balance as indicated by muscle testing will prevent diseases from developing. We are getting ready to introduce a method that we can start long-term studies about the outcomes of using the various Kinesiology methods. Consider being part of this project. We need the preliminary studies before we can apply for grants from Governments and foundations.

Matthew Teaching Metaphors, Basic TFH 1-4 and ITW in Puerto Rico

Matthew who co-authored Touch for Health and the Chinese Five Element Metaphors book with me is just finishing teaching in Australasia, now in New Zealand. He will be in Puerto Rico in January and February. These program will be taught by Matthew in Spanish.
For details of these programs being taught in Spanish contact Matthew at

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