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Touch for Health Education Newsletter
May 10, 2005

-- Touch for Health Reunion Malibu March 27-31 2006
-- Flu shots for the elderly questioned in study
-- TFH Kinesiology Association 30th Annual Meeting
-- ITW Requirements and Registration
-- TFH Metaphors In Los Angeles
-- Coffee and the Liver


This issue has as the second article the research that is causing a big disappointment in the USA. It was thought that Flu Shots prevented deaths from Flu especially in the elderly. Now it shows that just isn't true. The eighth article revisits the value of coffee, new research in Japan indicates that the use of coffee may be more valuable than was previously thought. It seems from this study to have a preventive effect for liver cancer.

If you are new to this newsletter and are interested in becoming trained in TFH there are articles describing how to become a TFH Instructor, which is the first step in becoming a professional TFH Kinesiologist. It is our desire that people find out if they have a gift of healing before they invest years and large amounts of money and energy in a healing arts profession of any kind. We believe that TFH will give you that knowledge in a minimum amount of time and enable you to help yourself and others at the same time. It could be a wonderful second career.

Touch for Health Reunion Malibu March 27-31 2006
This will be the first reunion after the release of the completely revised and updated Touch for Health book(release date late August 2005). This new book has more than double the pages and lots of new information including the Pyramid of Health, Metaphors in a very useful format and new approach to balancing, the two major models of assessments for balancing for goals. It is in full color and all new photos and graphics for both the standing and lying down testing positions and many other new photos and graphics. Bring your book with you to the reunion or get one while you are there as we will be presenting the new materials and showing how it can make your use of TFH even more effective.

Flu shots for the elderly questioned in study
A new study, based on more than three decades of data, suggests that giving flu shots to the elderly has not saved any lives. The study, led by researchers from the National Institutes of Health, challenges standard government dogma. Yearly flu shots have been recommended for people 65 or older since the 1960s and for those 50 or older since 2000. U.S. Researchers attempting to quantify the number of lives that have been saved by influenza vaccines have come up with a disappointing number: something close to zero. Early predictions were that flu vaccines would save the lives of about half of those vaccinated. However, "Based on U.S. mortality rates from 1968 to 2001, the study by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases found no correlation between increasing vaccination rates after 1980 and declining death rates in any age group."1 Some researchers are now suggesting the earlier studies were flawed, and also that the elderly may not be getting much of a benefit because many fail to produce antibodies in response to the vaccination. Natural immunity development may be responsible for the earlier perceived benefits of inoculations. Details are in the Archives of Internal Medicine.2 1 Reuters World Report, Feb. 14, 2005. 2 Arch Intern Med 2005;165:265-272 Dynamic Chiropractic May 21, 2005, Volume 23, Issue 11

Dr. Thie's comment: The drug industry has been very successful in its Public Relations campaign.It said that there was preventive value in taking Flu shots every year to increase the possibility of surviving the Flu. Just claims on bad research. This points out one more situation that shows our present medical model of disease care and health enhancement is broken. The assumption that taking a "Flu shot" would prevent problems from the flu now shows it just wasn't true. How many people have taken the recommended "Flu shot" and had the expected mild symptoms of the flu, making their lives more miserable for no scientific reason. It was given to them in good faith, taken in good faith but now it is proven after 40 years of use to be a unscientific assumption that didn't do what was promised. Doctors are not the blame it was and still is the pharmaceutical companies that made the claims falsely based on faulty science. The doctors are the victims as well as the patients.

TFH Kinesiology Association 30th Annual Meeting
George Goodheart, D.C., founder and developer of Applied Kinesiology will be addressing the TFH Conference. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear George speak and feel his wonderful charisma. There is really nothing like meeting the founder of this worldwide movement of Kinesiology. Some of the other founding members of the International College of Applied Kinesiology including myself, Sheldon Deal DC, Wally Schmitt, DC. will also be present and presenting. Reinforce and enrich your understanding of Kinesiology, and get exposed to some new ideas, which are always worthwhile, even if we do not adopt them into our lives or our practice.

It is expected to be sellout so sign up right away! Matthew will open the conference with an overview of the Growth and Development of TFH over the last 30 years. The International star-studded cast of speakers includes Mary Jo Bulbrook R.N. Ed.D., an early sponsor of TFH in the nursing profession, Jan Cole, Dr. Bruce Dewe, M.D. , Arlene Green, Denise Gurney, Sue Hall, Charles Krebs, Adam Lehman, Brendan O'Hara, Maurizio Piva, President of the IKC, Dale Schusterman, D.C., Jon Seskevich, Jerry Teplitz,PH.D. Hugo Tobar, Wayne Topping, Ph.D., Richard Utt, Licensed Acupuncturist AND Irene Yachuk Arabei Catherine Carleton- Fitchett
More About the Speakers!

ITW Requirements and Registration
Requirements: 1. Successful completion of TFH 1-4 with IKC Certificates. 2. Completion of pre-ITW Exam with minimum 75%. 3. WILLINGNESS TO LEARN A LOT THROUGH PARTICIPATION and have fun in a beautiful setting! Matthew will be offering the exam following the Level IV class in Los Angeles July 3 as well as following the TFH REVIEW WEEKEND in Los Angeles, July 30. FEE FOR PRE-EXAM $50.

Your Instructors: Wayne Topping, IKC Faculty member and Worldwide instructor of TFH, Wellness Kinesiology, Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®), Self Help for Stress and Pain, and other holistic programs. (see for more info.) Matthew Thie, IKC Trainer, Worldwide instructor of TFH and TFH Metaphors, has worked closely with Dr. Thie since 1996.

TFH Metaphors In Los Angeles

Matthew will be offering the TFH Metaphor Workshop in Los Angeles Sat Sun August 27, following the ITW. This is scheduled to take place at Matthew's home, but may need to be relocated to Santa Monica to accommodate all the participants.
Cost for the Workshop is $300 with a $50 discount for prepayment.

Coffee and the Liver
A large study (90,000 subjects) from Japan suggests that coffee may have a protective effect against liver cancer. Researchers say that compared to non-coffee drinkers, those who have a cup or so every day have half the risk of developing the cancer. More coffee appears to increase the protection. There are no firm hypotheses to explain the effect. Some suggest antioxidant activity may be responsible, although green tea does not appear to offer any protection. Another study in animals has found a protective effect against skin cancer when a caffeinated cream was applied. 12 Associated Press, Feb. 16, 2005, reporting on the work of Monami Inoue of the National Cancer Center in Tokyo. by Brian Sutton, DC, DC Online May 21, 2005, Volume 23, Issue 11

Dr. Thie's comment: This was an interesting study that reminded me of the Gerson Therapy which uses coffee in the form of an enema along with a very strict diet to help many different serious health problems. The substances that are absorbed from the intestinal tract go into what is known as the portal blood supply which goes directly to the liver for detoxification. When we have substances that assist the liver function, and coffee seems to be one of them in some people then it would be logical it would help people be more healthy and prevent some malfunctions. If you find coffee balances your energy it may be that your should follow you natural intelligence and drink coffee, even tho many natural health advocates oppose it. One way to check out if coffee might be of help to you would be to test your muscles and have them facilitated and then take coffee into you mouth and see if it inhibited any of your muscles related to your meridian system which previously tested locked or strong. Another way used in TFH would be to do an assessment of your meridians and then take coffee and see if it balanced your meridian system based on the muscle assessment.

The specialists predictions have so far proved wrong, and I have passed the 2nd date of my predicted leaving the planet. My health continues to improve. My blood tests are much better and improving, however, two of them are are still a ways from being in the range of total remission . I am feeling stronger and working more. I intend to teach all my Clinical Intensives in Malibu this year an next, that is 2006. So if you wanted to take one of these personal training sessions with me now would be the time to sign up.

If you are praying or giving me surrogate balances or other energy work from a distance, thank you very much and I will appreciate your continued gifts. I know that these efforts by you have helped me in overcoming this situation. I am not yet well and continue to follow a well designed program of recovery. For all of you who have sent suggestions thank you. I am staying with my present program as it seems to be working well.

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