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Last Chance for Reunion Discount December 1, 2004

November 17, 2004

-- Fat Futures
-- Circulatory Chocolate
-- Cold Hearts
-- Shunning Exercise May Be Worse Than Excess Weight
-- Matthew Teaching Metaphors in Australasia

In this issue we are commenting on a number of interesting articles selected by Brian Sutton DC from I read a lot of various newsletters and share what I feel would benefit you most who are using TFHK. I hope you enjoy my comments about the items in the medical news and can put them to use with your clients and in your own life. .

Fat Futures
The World Heart Federation, a Geneva-based group, recently issued a warning that children are becoming more at risk for cardiovascular disease. Children are gaining more weight than ever and are developing unhealthy lifestyle habits that will shorten their lives. The group says that a child who is overweight is three to five times more likely to have a stroke or heart attack by age 65. The excess weight is blamed on outdoor activities being replaced by computers and video games, readily available high-calorie foods, poor nutritional planning in school lunches, and a decrease in physical education classes in high school. Reuters, Sept. 20, 2004.

Dr. Thie's Comment: since my grandson Tim has been living with us for the past 5 years, I have had a new opportunity to be with young people again. Many stop exercising because they have minor pains that are slow to go away. Last weekend, we had the entire Colorado State University Women's club Water Polo Team here for the day. I was asked to balance two of them and they were amazed at how much better they felt after just a 14 muscle/meridian balance. Both of these young women said they really felt "great." I think we can do a lot for young people and encouraging exercise by teaching more people to balance for faster and more effective recovery after exercise.
John Thie

Circulatory Chocolate
A small study from Athens Medical School in Greece reports that dark chocolate appears to exert a rapid, beneficial effect on blood vessels. Using ultrasound exams soon after subjects consumed a 3.5 oz. dark chocolate bar, researchers found an increased activity of arterial endothelial cells. The study was placebo-controlled, and the chocolate and placebo groups were switched on different days to rule out individual variations. The effects of the chocolate lasted for three or more hours. Associated Press, Aug. 29, 2004.

Dr. Thie's comment: When I am sharing about food sensitivities in my 5 day intensive, we find some of almost every class not having a sensitivity to chocolate. It is often a surprise to people, as there is so much bad press about chocolate. Maybe the fact that dark chocolate enhances some cellular function could be one of the reasons chocolate sometimes comes out as a biogenic or biostatic food.

Cold Hearts
It has long been known that cold weather tends to increase the incidence of heart attacks, but a new study suggests that this effect occurs mostly in people with high blood pressure. The study, involving 748 heart attack victims, found that the incidence doubled when the temperature dropped below 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees F) in hypertensives. But researchers also found that a simple 9 degree drop in temperature, even on a mild day, precipitated more attacks. The researchers theorize that a temperature drop causes vasoconstriction which raises blood pressure even more, especially in hypertensive patient whose arterioles may be more sensitive to begin with, adding an extra strain on the heart. They suggest that such individuals dress warmly in cold weather. Associated Press, reporting on research from the University of Burgundy in France (presented to the European Society of Cardiology), Aug. 30, 2004.

Dr. Thie's Comment: When using the TFH Element Metaphors, we recognize that the heart meridian is on the fire element. The other 3 meridians associated with the Fire Element are the Small Intestines, Triple Warmer and Circulation Sex. All of these meridians have a heat involvement. I wonder how much benefit people that are effected by cold weather would benefit from learning about balancing these four meridians and being sure that the muscle indicators are testing strong. We have had some anecdotal reports that people with high blood pressure find that it is reduced immediately after a basic 14 muscle balance. Let us know your personal experiences.

Shunning Exercise May Be Worse Than Excess Weight
A report from the University of Florida concludes that you are better off being overweight than underexercised. The study looked at 906 women over four years, examining both weight and exercise habits. The mean age was 58. Analysis of health problems and cardiovascular incidents revealed a decrease in problems in those who were at least moderately active, no matter what weight category they were in. However, another study published in the same journal concludes that for adult-onset diabetes, weight is a bigger factor. I recommend both: staying trim and exercising regularly. Journal of the American Medical Association, Sept. 8, 2004.

Dr. Thie's Comment: The amount or type of exercise isn't as important as doing some exercise at least three times a week, more up to a point seems to be better. One of the successful combinations of strategies is to push away from food (before that stuffed feeling) and doing your exercise either right before or after meals; seems to be the best. Goal setting for having an ideal fat and weight composition and getting your energy in harmony for that goal with a 14 muscle balance is amazing in its motivational assistance to exercising.

Matthew Teaching Metaphors in Australasia
Matthew who co-authored Touch for Health and the Chinese Five Element Metaphors book with me has just finished teaching in Hong Kong with great reviews of his program on Metaphors. He is now in Japan teaching the metaphor program. November 2,0 21 in Osaka, Tokyo 25, 26, advanced Metaphor training (Instructor) 27, 28. Contact He will next be in Australia and New Zealand.

In Australia, December 2, 3, Instructor certificate 4, 5 Contact New Zealand December 10, 11 Instructor certificate 12, 13 contact If you can make any of these programs I urge you to do so as it will really add to your ability to help others even more. All the comments about Matthew's previous programs in the USA, Europe and Central and South America have been very positive and say "this really rounds out the TFH program." It will benefit any practitioner using Kinesiology.

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