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Last Chance for Reunion Discount December 1, 2004

November 1, 2004

-- Energy Psychology Is Coming of Age
-- Sounding the alarm on hazardous ultrasound
-- Accidental discovery links cigarette smoke, vitamin A deficiency and emphysema
-- Added beauty from blueberries
-- Matthew Teaching Metaphors in Australasia

In this issue we are commenting on a number of interesting articles selected by Jerome F. McAndrews, D.C. and published in the NCMIC's Health-E-Insights Newsletter. I hope you enjoy my comments about the items in the medical news and can put them to use with your clients and in your own life. I also have a short article about a new CD that is available by my friends David Feinstein and Donna Eden about Energy Psychology and what they have done to make this information available. There is also a reminder that you have only the month of November to make your deposit for our Touch for Health Reunion after December 1 the price will be the full price of $995, which includes all food, room and supplies. Right now you can save $US100. We are going to have a grand program. New items will be introduced. Our CD and research project will be shown and the developers will be present to train you in its use. Matthew will be training you in the use of metaphors, Carrie and I will be giving training on how to be more effective in taking histories for various purposes.

Energy Psychology Is Coming of Age
If you are interested in the direct application of the principles of Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health to emotional issues, you may want to look into the emerging field of Energy Psychology. My close colleagues and good friends, Donna Eden and David Feinstein, have worked with a team of 27 of the leaders and pioneers in this area to develop an award-winning program that shows both laypeople and professionals how to apply energy techniques to psychological problems and goals.
They combine a book for professionals, a self-help guide for laypeople and a CD-ROM to take full advantage of a computer's strengths in teaching new material. The published reviews can be downloaded from their website and are quite impressive. You can learn more by visiting
John Thie

Sounding the alarm on hazardous ultrasound
Recent reports in medical literature suggest that an increase in the number of ultrasound examinations during pregnancy may restrict fetal growth and that prenatal ultrasonography may be associated with delayed speech in children. Other experimental studies have reported adverse effects (lung hemorrhage) in animals resulting from ultrasound exposure. Reprinted with the permission of the FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health, August 30, 2004. On May 28, 2004, another report raised the alarm about possible adverse effects of ultrasound examination of fetuses in pregnant women. It stated that various bodies of research point to a causal link between prenatal ultrasound and: Lower birth weights, Delayed speech development , Subtle changes in brain chemistry, False positive diagnosis of brain defects. Daily Dose , May 28, 2004.

Dr. Thie's comment: Many of the medical diagnostic methods help you have a better pregnancy, however, you need to consider the possible benefit/danger ratio when you are considering these procedures.

Accidental discovery links cigarette smoke, vitamin A deficiency and emphysema
While studying the relationship between vitamin A and lung inflammation, a Kansas State University researcher made a surprising discovery -a link between vitamin A and emphysema in smokers. Richard Baybutt, associate professor of human nutrition, said his research could have a number of implications for smokers and the cigarette and health industries. According to Baybutt, his previous research had shown that rats fed vitamin A-deficient diet developed emphysema, a lung disease found primarily in smokers. When the new study fed rats that were exposed to cigarette smoke a diet with higher levels of vitamin A, "We saw that the areas of emphysema were effectively reduced," he said. CHIPS Network, July 28, 2004.

Dr. Thie's Comment: If you smoke or are around people that smoke be sure that your food style is rich in vitamin A. It is available in many foods, plants, fish, poultry and animal. Being conscious of your special needs because of the environmental factor will aid you to have a better life. You may not have a sensitivity to smoke. I have rarely found that some people do not have muscle inhibition to cigarette smoke. In fact I found only one female client for whom cigarette smoke was actually biogenic. This was only one in many years out of all the people I have tested. Some are what we call biostatic, that is that tobacco smoke neither inhibits or facilitates the muscles.

Added beauty from blueberries
Blueberries, already known to help fight cancer and diabetes, may guard against heart disease as well, a new study suggests. The berries may have the potential to lower cholesterol as effectively as commercial drugs. Dr. Agnes M. Rimando, a research chemist for the federal Department of Agriculture in Oxford, M.S., made the discovery. The New York Times , August 31,2004.

Dr. Thie's Comment: Specific foods have beneficial effects. We have advocated individualizing our food intake by learning about which foods for us are Biogenic, that is those that cause inhibited muscles to strengthen or facilitate on testing and those foods that are biocitic (weaken or inhibit) when testing with the smell or taste of the food. Not everyone tests the same with the same food. You need to know who you are and what foods benefit you specifically.

Matthew Teaching Metaphors in Australasia
Matthew, who co-authored Touch for Health and the Chinese Five Element Metaphors book with me, is leaving November 10 to teach in Hong Kong China, Two Cites in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. In China, the classes will be taught in English, contact for details on location and costs November 13. In Japan, the programs will be in Japanese translated from English. Japan dates are November 20 & 21 in Osaka, Toyko 25 & 26, advanced Metaphor training (Instructor) 27, 28. Contact

In Australia, December 2 & 3. Instructor certificate 4 & 5. Contact New Zealand, December 10 & 11. Instructor certificate 12 & 13. Contact If you can make any of these programs, I urge you to do so as it will really add to your ability to help others even more. All the comments about Matthew's previous programs in the USA, Europe and Central and South America have been very positive and indicate that this really rounds out the TFH program. It will benefit any practitioner using Kinesiology.

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