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September 30, 2004

-- Lets Talk About Big Pharma/Medicine
-- Humans Don't Seem to Want Responsibility
-- Normal Medicine
-- Toni Gralton, Dean of the Touch for Health School of the International Kinesiology     College to Speak at Reunion
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-- We are now dependent from the cradle to the grave
-- Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners
-- Disease and Subliminal Meanings
-- You can discover for yourself

In looking around for words to explain the way TFH helps so many people I watch for someone's words that express what I want to say. Today as I write this newsletter the following came in on my email "Dorland's Word of the Day for Sep 29, 2004 is: The yin/yang principle In Chinese philosophy, the concept of polar complements existing in dynamic equilibrium and always present simultaneously. In traditional Chinese medicine, a disturbance of the proper balance of yin and yang causes disease, and the goal is to maintain or to restore this balance.

Toni Gralton, Dean of the TFH School has just confirmed that she will attend the reunion as one of the official representatives of the International Kinesiology College (IKC). She will give us all the latest update on the IKC and what TFH is doing around the world. It will be interesting and fun. Register now to be sure to have a space March 28 -April 1, 2005. My comments are about "framing" or what is around what we are saying and understanding. So much of what we understand is based on not only the meaning of the words said, seen, or spoken, but what those words trigger in our mind from past memories of how the words were heard, seen and spoken and what else was going on at the time.

Lets Talk About Big Pharma/Medicine
How does Big Pharma the Reductionist Medical model continually frustrate CAM/TFH model, keeping us on the defensive? It's not just their media control, it's not just the billions they've put into think tanks over the past 50 plus years, and it's not just lies and dirty tricks. It's their skill at "framing." Take this term "disease caused by outside agents" for example. The phrase started appearing with the advent of bacteria being the cause of suffering and death. It was during the time when the corruption in society had reached a point where change had to come. Suffering was no longer the will of god(s). People just stopped believing that God wills suffering because, at that time indulgences could be purchased from the priests and you would no longer be indebted to suffer because of your sins.

New knowledge was blocked by those in power but people interested in the truth discovered that much suffering from infections was from bacteria being out of balance and excessively present; later viruses and now malfunctioning of genes were shown to be present when suffering was also present. These internal changes were all thought to be out of the control of the individual and the individuals working collectively to have harmony and balance within themselves and their societies.
John Thie

Humans Don't Seem to Want Responsibility
Humans don't seem to want to take responsibility. So back then they seemed to abdicate the responsibility for relieving they're suffering to others. So it has been repeated over and over ever since. We now mostly look for "the" cause of a particular disease, as if it, when found, could be eliminated as if it was an enemy.

We don't like to think we have some responsibilities in changing the life style(s) that contribute to the situation. We turn over responsibility for our not reaching our goals for health and fulfilling our destiny to the disease that has attacked us, to others then we act as subordinate rather than partners.

Normal Medicine
"Normal" medicine now has its emphasis on genes and it says that we need to know our family history to know what diseases we are prone so that we can take drugs and have surgery to prevent it possibly occurring. A number of years ago some cancer specialists who did breast surgery were advocating preventive removal of breasts if the family history indicated a possibility of breast cancer developing. It is a pre-emptive war mentality. It is a war mentality that says we are OK except that our enemy is new and we need a new vaccine to combat the new disease enemy.

This calls for a "Protector General." Of course, our protector general, the Medical/Big Pharma, has the answer or will have it with more research into how life long drug use will be necessary. We all need to follow their directions and the directions of their experts to have a disease free life. We, then become dependent on their drugs for longer periods of time and sooner in life.

Toni Gralton, Dean of the Touch for Health School of the International Kinesiology College to Speak at Reunion
Toni Gralton, Dean of the Touch for Health School of the International Kinesiology College (IKC) will give a full report on the functions and activities of the IKC. This report will give you all the latest information about how this College is working to bring TFH Kinesiology and Professional practice of Kinesiology to the world. TFHK Instructors and Practitioners can meet their update Kinesiology requirements by attending the 5 day reunion and training program in Malibu March 28 to April 1, 2005 (30 contact hours). The program will be emphasizing the ease of records keeping, reporting of outcomes and follow-up.

There will also be presentations on some new techniques developed by John and Matthew Thie. There will be training in the effective use of the eTFH computer program. eTouch will be used for a database on the Internet. Sign up today

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We are now dependent from the cradle to the grave
We are now dependent from the cradle to the grave on the Businesses of Medicine/Big Pharma. They have the "frame" behind the words -- the mental structure known as a "frame" -- that matters as much as the words themselves.

So we have a Disease(s), which is in need of relief. For there to be "relief" there must be an affliction, an afflicted party harmed by the affliction, and a reliever who takes the affliction away and is therefore a hero. And if anybody tries to stop the reliever, he's a villain wanting the suffering to go on. Add "of children, adults, geriatrics"; to the mix and you have a metaphorical frame: Disease as an affliction, the adults, the elderly, children, teenagers as the afflicted parties, medical/big pharma industry as the hero.

Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners
Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners are cast as the villains. For they are the people that contradict the mind-set that disease is the sole cause. These CAM people that say personal life style choices and collective life choices, which make an environment conducive to being less than you, can be, and were meant to be.
When you experience yourself as a child of God who loves all equally we have access to the positive aspects of the Universe. Being just as good as the rest of the people and have every right to become all you can be. Letting your light shine and helping everyone else to let their light shine brightly will help others have a fully developed life, yes with some suffering but with a lot more joy.

Disease and Subliminal Meanings
Every time you hear "disease", those subliminal meanings resonate. Once the profit making campaign of having drugs become necessary to have a healthy life is repeated the words are heard day after day, they end up in every newspaper and on every TV and radio station, and the term becomes the way TV commentators and journalists talk about disease care. And pretty soon the CAM practitioners are forced to talk about their own brand of "treatment of disease," for the suffering of the public, children, adults and geriatrics.

By adopting the Big Pharma/medical industry language, we have adopted one of the their central ideas. Every time they use the words, they reinforce the idea.

You can discover for yourself
You can discover for yourself that although bacteria, viruses, and genetic make-up contribute to your suffering there are always multifactorial causes also contributing to your lack of joy, fulfillment and knowing that you are fully loved and have a whole healthy life.

We need others to help us but we also need to recognize that we need to take more responsibility for ourselves and our families. Learning and using TFH can help us do so on a daily basis. We need to change the "frame" of how we see ourselves as whole, wonderful human beings created to make our world a better place because we are here.

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