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Helping Another Worker
September 9, 2004

Help with Back Pain of a Co-Worker
-- I Packed My TFH Books In My Truck Not Knowing Why
-- Red Cross Relief Services Needs TFH
-- New Report Doubles Previous Estimate of Preventabale Hospital Annual Deaths
-- I suffered from headaches everyday for 15 years

I love to receive letters about how people help others just because it seems like the right thing to do in various kinds of situations. So many people that take courses in Touch for Health have this attitude. I will be sharing this kind of an instance that occurred when there was such wild weather in Florida. It seems appropriate right now because of the second bad storm that is passing through Florida as I write this.

In addition we will be quoting an update of the dangers associated with modern medicine. Our American system of medicine is often said to be the best in the world. I am sure it is in many ways, and I would also say in some ways it is the most dangerous and expensive system in the world.

I Packed My TFH Books In My Truck Not Knowing Why
"Well we survived Hurricane Charley now we get to dance with Francis. As you can imagine I have been most busy. One of the things I packed before leaving home was my TFH books, etc. I love how the Divine Source leads us to do things we wouldn't ordinarily think of doing. The books ended up in my truck and when I needed to use my truck to haul disaster relief items to a shelter I took the books out and left them in my office at work. Great move! I have been using them to do balances on disaster relief workers ever since then.

"We now have a lot of former skeptics, who always thought I was a little out there, become believers in energy work. One of the best was a lady that has always criticized me and spoken to others about me being a little hokey. Monday when I came into the office she was walking around all hunched over. When I enquired how she was feeling she said she strained her back lifting boxes. I offered to do a balance on her and of course she declined. She told me she had an appointment with a chiropractor on Thursday. I offered to call Steve and see if we could get her in to see him sooner and besides his office is just down the street. Again she declined, so I told her if it got worse to come find me and I'd do a balance. Around noontime she said, ok let's try this thing you do. I did a quickie 14- muscle balance since time was at a premium. Her pain level went from a 10 to a 3. She could move much better. Around 2:00 in the afternoon she came to me and said she was in no discomfort at all. Ha! Another skeptic won over."
John Thie

Red Cross Relief Services Needs TFH
"I have always felt that TFH should be part of the Red Cross's disaster relief work. After using it locally during this disaster relief operation I now am convinced that it has a place in the organization's relief operations. I plan on devoting as much time to making TFH a part of Red Cross disaster relief work as I can." Linda L. Keene Director of Health and Safety Services American Red Cross of Lee County

I want everyone who feels like Linda to do what they can to make TFH available to special disaster relief workers. I also want eveyone to know that I fully support these efforts of making our safe, efficient and effective tools available to all. A special thanks to Arlene Green, Touch for Health Instructor Trainer of the International Kinesiology College for passing this information on to us and for doing such a good job in training Linda to use TFH.

New Report Doubles Previous Estimate of Preventabale Hospital Annual Deaths
Imagine waking up to hear the news that somewhere in the United States, a jumbo jet full of people has just crashed, killing everyone on board - approximately 400 passengers. Now, imagine knowing that the equivalent of a jumbo jet full of people crashes somewhere in the U.S. every day. Sound like a bad dream? Unfortunately, it isn't. In fact, according to an analysis released by the health care quality company HealthGrades, up to 195,000 Americans die each year as a result of potentially preventable, in-hospital medical errors. That figure is nearly twice the number of annual medical error-related deaths published in a report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) just five years ago, and makes medical mistakes the third-leading cause of death in the United States behind heart disease and cancer. To read the full article http://

The need for avoiding hospitals seems to grow every year. I hear from people all over the world who have been using TFH as a way of increasing their wellness so that they will not need to have treatment of diseases. Times are changing very rapidily and we encourage all of you that have not learned to use TFH with patient/ clients or with your friends and family to do so. It is my personal mission to tell you about TFH and the reason I want to share this information.

I suffered from headaches everyday for 15 years

"First I am going to introduce myself to you - I am Tracy and my husband is Jason. We have both taken the first level of TFH and find great rewards by administering it to our clients. I am a certified foot reflexologist that incorporates a TFH treatment with most sessions. I also have training in spinal touch and in pedicures. Jason is a practising massage therapist with training in various areas including spinal touch, foot reflexology, rib cage dysfunction, and onsen. I was a non-believer at first, however in the first day of training I became increasingly interested in TFH's abilities to help the body heal itself. I suffered from headaches everyday for 15 years until I learned that I didn't have to! Not anymore!!!! I don't have headaches unless I am suffering from lack of sleep. I am also very excited that I can help others to feel better than they expect to. I am interested in increasing my knowledge in this field so would like to be kept apprised of future training courses. It has been a life savour for me and an awesome tool to help those around me. Thanks for the research, time and development of this wonderful gift. It has changed my life in many ways." Tracy Bacon Lloydminster, SK, Canada

If you are new to our newsletter you can learn TFH from certified Instructors all over the world. Go to our site and check out other sites which can lead you to Instructors and Associations for TFH kinesiology. If you want to study with me personally, getting it from "the horse's mouth" we have room in our October 4-8 clinical training program. It is limited to a maximum of eight people and nearly everyone gets balanced my me personally every day. After finishing this 5 days of intensive training you will be able to use TFH and get the relief for yourself and others as mentioned above.

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