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Touch for Health
                        Complete Edition

Touch for Health: The Complete Edition (released Nov. 2005)

This is a complete revision and expansion of the fundamental text of Energy Kinesiology.  Includes complete International Kinesiology College curriculum, plus Dr. Thie’s developments from 1990-2005. Integrates Metaphors of Muscles, Meridians and the Five Elements. With over a million copies in print since 1973, “Touch for Health” started a phenomenon that has flourished worldwide and contributed to the emerging profession of Energy Kinesiology, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. TFH has been taught in over 100 countries and 23 languages to help balance Posture, Attitude and Vital Energy to develop Wellness, Health Maintenance, Prevention, Relief from Stress, Aches & Pains and enjoyment of vibrant health.

Cover TFH Pocketbook/Metaphors

Touch for Health Pocketbook, with Five Element Metaphors

In-depth Goal Setting and Metaphor Balancing.  Further tips on Muscle Testing.111 Sets of Metaphors covering 42 Muscles,14 acupuncture Meridians and the 55 concepts from the Chinese Five Elements in the TFH system. Balance energy and explore meanings related to goals, symptoms, and energy patterns. Contains all of the reference pages  & follows the format of the Pocket Reference Folio, including detailed instructions for using the reference pages that are not included in the original Reference Folio.

ETouch Logo

eTouch for Health CD-ROM

eTouch for Health (CD-ROM) is the electronic version of Touch for Health. eTouch is a session-creation and reporting system as well as a learning and research tool. Excellent for beginners and for the more-experienced practitioner needing an advanced tool in their practice. Includes Quicktime movies of Dr. Thie and Matthew Thie showing all 42 muscles tests.
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Reference Chart Image

Touch for Health Reference Chart

Large (43"x29") Full Color, Laminated Chart. Quick reference to all the reflex points, meridians, muscle locations (color coded with the testing positions), mid-day midnight graphic (24-hour Wheel). It enables anyone using TFH or other Kinesiological techniques to refresh their memory or demonstrate to clients, patients or friends what muscle is being tested and where they can massage, touch or trace reflexes and meridians to restore the natural subtle energy of each person. A must for your balancing or treatment area. It is easy to read, attractive and convenient, a valuable time-saving tool to facilitate the use of any body work.

Echarts Illustration

Touch for Health eCharts 

TFH Reference Chart
TFH Midday/Midnight Law & 5 Elements
TFH Assessment/Metaphors Chart
TFH Meridian Acupuncture Reference

Perfect for Trainers, Instructors & Presenters
Print the charts! Great for class handouts
Interactivity links charts together
Excellent reference for Practitioners
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 Folio Image

Touch for Health Reference Folio

(12"x9" inches color, 13 spiral bound pages)
Contains the essence of the TFH Chart in a portable book form. Tabs can be cut for quick reference to each meridian. Each page illustrates a meridian, related muscles/tests, and all associated Reflex Points, including  Spinal Reflex, Neurolymphatics, Neurovasculars and Acupressure Holding Points.

Touch for Health Reference Pocket Folio

(4 1/2” x 6 1/2”, spiral bound)
Miniature version of the Folio - exactly the same information, but fits into a clinic jacket, coat pocket, purse, or your date book. Perfect resource for travel. Maintain your personal best on the road.


TFH Reference Packet (loose leaf reference chart panels)

Used to study the meridians individually. It has almost all the same information as the reference chart and the folios. When teaching ongoing classes it is handy to give this information session by session.

Acupuncture Meridian Chart

Acupuncture Meridian Chart

(35”x23”, laminated)
All acupuncture points clearly illustrated. Three views: front, rear and side, with half of each body showing skeletal structure for clear reference. Tri-color: gold, white and black. This is very useful for precise meridian tracing, Meridian Walking for Pain Control, and locating specific Acupressure Holding Points/ Pain Tapping points

Wheel & 5 Elements Chart

TFH Midday/Midnight Law & 5 Elements Chart

(24”x32”, full color, laminated)
Wall chart shows energy flows in the 24 hour cycle, including Beaver Dam, Spokes, Squares and Triangles and seasonal/life cycle energy flows of the Chinese Five Elements. It will help you understand and give you the ability to show to your clients/patients/friends or family the full relationships of the five elements the yin/yang and emotions to the muscle testing and correction procedures. This is the perfect companion chart to the TFH Reference and Meridian charts. The three charts combine to present to the person the information in graphic format
from the TFH book.

Assessment Chart

Metaphor Chart

Handy Touch for Health Assessment Chart

(11”x17”, 2-sided, laminated) An incredible amount of information in a hand-sized reference chart.  Laminated for easy marking of your Muscle imbalances and Energy patterns according to the 24-hour Cycle and the 5-Element Cycles.

Front side shows:

  • 24-hour Wheel, including 14 basic Muscle-tests, Peak Meridian Energy times and the following energy patterns: Triangles, Squares and Spokes.
  • 5-element diagram with Shen and Ko (Creation and Control) relationships between the 12 bilateral Meridians.
  • Both Alarm Points and Pulse Points for determining Over-Energy
  • The METAPHOR "PIE" for quick reference to 10 traditional associations with each of the 5 Elements (Season, Climate, Power, Taste, Color, etc.)

Reverse side shows: 111 Sets of Metaphor Questions related to Muscles, Meridians, and Chinese Five Elements.


TFH Midday/Midnight Law & 5 Elements Booklet

(24pp, illustrated), Stokes/Whiteside
Explains basic concept of 24-hour Wheel, as well as 5-Elements : Ko Cycle, Shen Cycle, Alarm Points, Luo Points (Junction Points), etc.

DVD image


Remastered DVD of the classic Video of Dr. Thie introducing the concepts and demonstrating the techniques of Touch for Health.

Graphic and live action video with Dr. John Thie. Great introduction to all the TFH energy balancing reflexes. Shows actual balancing session from start to finish with Dr. Thie helping set goals and reviewing the outcomes.