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Touch for Health Kinesiology Association of North America

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association of North America is a membership organization dedicated to serving Touch for Health Instructors and the public. The association maintains a website and posts a list of certified and registered TFH instructors and their class listings. You can contact the association or individual instructors for additional class schedules and information. The association also prints a newsletter and holds an annual conference which is open to the public.
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eTouch for Health

eTouch for Health is home of the electronic version of Touch for Health. eTouch is a session-creation and reporting system as well as a learning and research tool. Excellent for beginners and for the more-experienced practitioner needing an advanced tool in their practice. Includes Quicktime movies of Dr. Thie and Matthew Thie showing all 42 muscles tests. See Also TFH TREE!
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International Kinesiology College

Queensland, Australia
The International Kinesiology College is a college without walls based in Queensland, Australia. The College continues in the Mission of the Touch for Health Foundation: Promotion of the Touch for Health Concepts, Making TFH available throughout the world and establishing standard curriculum for the TFH Synthesis.
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Energy Kinesiology Association

(Formerly known as ASK-US Assoc. of Specialized Kinesiologists, USA)
The mission of EnKA is to unite Energy Kinesiologists, thereby energizing, enriching, and empowering the profession, practitioner, and all recipients of this technology.

International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK)

George Goodheart, DC
Applied Kinesiology (A.K.) is a system using muscle testing as a functional neurological evaluation. The methodology is concerned primarily with neuromuscular function as it relates to the structural, chemical and mental physiologic regulatory mechanisms. A.K., which originated within the chiropractic profession, is an approach to clinical practice, with multidisciplinary applications, and is meant for physicians who are licensed to diagnose.

International Association of Specialized Kinesiology (IASK)

IASK stands for the International Association of Specialized Kinesiology. IASK was founded in 1987 and brings together practitioners of all forms of Kinesiology from the whole world. Specialized Kinesiology is “the art of assessing the energetic systems of a person by using precision muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism. Using the same feedback, a Specialized Kinesiologist identifies appropriate protocoles for promoting, restoring and maintaining balance within theseenergetic systems”.

The IASK website is now in five languages: English, French, German, Portuguese and Danish.

Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology

The Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology (CanASK), has been created to provide a professional organization to support the education of ordinary lay people and health care professionals who value Specialized Kinesiology as a tool for promoting self-care, well-being, and preventative health. Its intent is to support our common interests in Specialized Kinesiology and to honour the differences in our chosen modalities.
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Touch for Health Instructors Association of Australia (TFHIAA)

The registered Touch For Health Instructors Association of Australia was created to represent the needs of TFH instructors and facilitators in Australia, and to promote Touch For Health¨ to the general public as a system of complementary health care.

Centro Integral de Kinesiología Aplicada, S. C. (Mexico)

Centro de Formación, Certificación, Terapias Kinesiológicas, con Reiki, Terapia Floral
Material de Kinesiología... y más cosas
CIKA se ubica en: Guerrero 94, Col. Del Carmen, Coyoacán, 04100 Mexico


Applied Physiology

Richard D.Utt
Applied Physiology's philosophy is simple; good health, harmony and all-encompassing love for all mankind. The International Institute of Applied Physiology, led by its founder, Richard D. Utt, strives to provide the best in materials and information for everyone that wishes to become knowledgeable about the workings of the body and mind in order to achieve a healthy relationship within oneself and with others.

Brain Gym International

Paul and Gail Dennison
Educational Kinesiology enhanced learning through movement was created by Dr. Paul E. Dennison and Gail E. Dennison through their extensive research in areas that include education, brain function, psychology, and applied kinesiology. The Dennisons' visionary insight into the learning process led them to develop the unique approaches to education now known as Edu-K and Brain Gym - tools used to integrate the mind and body through movement.

Enhanced Learning and Integration

Sharon Promislow
Enhanced Learning & Integration primarily services the corporate, government and educational sectors. We very much enjoy presenting our leading edge information to the general public, but due to our busy schedule, we are only able to provide a limited number of public engagements. To find out how to sponsor us into your community, please click on our "book and engagement" link below.

Health Kinesiology

Dr. Jimmy Scott
Health Kinesiology is a brand of BioEnergetic Kinesiology which uses muscle testing/monitoring to gather energy information from the body and uses bioenergetic methods to help you alleviate stress and make significant changes in your life; eliminate allergies, release physical toxicity and emotional trauma, overcome learning blocks and perform at your best.

Health Kinesiology UK

The Health Kinesiology UK web site contains descriptions of HK, case histories, details of the training programme, a listing of 140 therapists and much more. UK is now the largest grouping of kinesiologists in UK.


Philip Rafferty
As with other Kinesiology, Kinergetics uses muscle biofeedback to identify areas of stress, imbalance, or disfunction of the body's energy systems. By accessing the cause and working with natural healing energy, imbalances are cleared at a deep level, to bring about lasting change to our energetic and physical being.

Loving Life

Hap and Elizabeth Barhydt
Why live with pain when you don't have to? Here's your chance to learn some exciting new Stress & Pain Management Techniques that will change your life. Developed by Elizabeth Barhydt, Ph.D, M.T. and Hamilton "Hap" Barhydt, Ph.D, these new techniques are a result of more than two decades of research and experimentation. The Barhydts founded Loving Life, a non-profit organization, in order to share their findings with the millions that suffer daily from pain. The organization's goal is to teach people how to relieve stress and pain while increasing their energy level and quality of life.

Manual Kinesiology

Mac Pompeius Wolontis
Manual Kinesiology, MK was founded in 1996 by Mac Pompeius Wolontis (the director of the Swedish School of Specialized Applied Kinesiology in Stockholm, Sweden). Prerequisites for learning Manual Kinesiology is basic Applied Kinesiology training, preferably the ICAK "100 hour course". The Manual Kinesiology, MK courses then covers around 100 additional hours of training.
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Neural Organization Technique

Carl Ferrari, DC
The Neural Organization Technique is a non-invasive, neurologically correct, kinesiologically based treatment protocol designed to organize the central nervous system. It is demonstrable, repeatable, predictable and reversible. It is designed to find and correct any defecits in the survival systems: feeding, fight/flight, reproductive, immune system.

Professional Kinesiology Practice,

International College (ICPKP)

Dr. Bruce and Joan Dewe, MA
Bruce became a Touch for Health Instructor in 1977 and a member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology in 1981. Bruce introduced a series of advanced [TFH] skills workshops which through time evolved into the four PKP workshops and finally the PKP Certification Programme.
Both Bruce and Joan have taught kinesiology workshops around the world for 20 years. The ICPKP Certification Programme teaches not only a wealth of kinesiology techniques, but includes personal development, relationship issues and the opportunity to make personal emontional and spiritual growth.

Three In One Concepts

Gordon Stokes & Daniel Whiteside
Three In One Facilitators are internationally known for the "magic" we use to help adults and children improve performance in many areas....assisting people labeled slow learners and as "learning disabled" or "dyslexic" to make dramatic positive changes.
We identify and release the emotions fused to events that prevent people from being in present time. With these past stressors resolved, attitude and behavior change for the better. People feel free to make different, more profitable "choices" for themselves. The results? Spectacular! People who thought they could not read are now regular customers at the local library. Grades improve overnight. Perception expands, skills increase, and so does self-esteem. Relationships get better; so does self-confidence.
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Transformational Kinesiology (TK)

Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsboel
Developed by Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsboel, founders of Polaris International College in Denmark, and is part of their extensive Life Coach training program.

Influenced by basic esoteric principles such as ‘Man Know Thyself’ and ‘As Above, So Below’, TK is an incredible tool for conscious and intentional expansion of ‘Self Awareness’. During the TK experience, we are guided through a series of well-constructed steps, to gain the needed insight to activate the potential for greater states of well-being at all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Wellness Kinesiology

Wayne Topping, PhD
Developed by Dr. Wayne Topping, it has its primary roots in Touch for Health¨ and Biokinesiology. It uses muscle testing and body awareness to identify what is unduly stressing the system and uses emotional stress release, meridian tapping, temporal tapping, brain integration, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), nutrition, and physical corrections to help bring the mind and body to a state of wellness.

Kinesiology Training Institutes

US Kinesiology Training Institute

Arlene & Larry Green
Situated near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the Institute offers a variety of learning programs in Kinesiology, Touch for Health, and the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Training Workshops.
The balancing work is done in the context of setting goals. We identify how the person wants to feel different and put that into a positive goal. When a person is ÒbalancedÓ the areas of imbalance are identified through specific muscle testing and corrected by any number of simple reflex techniques. These techniques may include light touch, gentle massage, tracing a meridian, specific movement, breathing techniques, the use of color, sound or an affirmation to name but a few possibilities.

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Applied Neurogenics Foundation

Richard Duree & Shanti Duree
The Applied Neurogenics Foundation is an educational institution dedicated to producing the highest quality innovative educational programs possible with a focus on healing, personal awareness and the environment.
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The Institute of BioEnergetic Arts & Sciences

This professional and diversified series of workshops will offer the Energy Kinesiology student the necessary education to become a professional Energy Kinesiology practitioner. While each of the programs stands on its own as a viable kinesiology modality, we believe that exposure to and proficiency at several different kinesiology modalities offers the potential practitioner a wider range and larger “kit bag” of tools to bring to their clients, thereby having the ability to work with a broader range of potential client issues, from structural to emotional to serious neurological and illness processes.

Institute Fur Angawante Kinesiologie, Freiburg

Susanne Degendorfer, Alfred Schatz, Helga Petres
The IAK was established in 1982, by the partners: Alfred Schatz, Helga Petres, Matthias Lesch and Susanne Degendorfer. It introduced [Kinesiology] into the German speaking areas.
The IAK works together with the following, worldwide operating institutes and we offer their authorised trainings:
IKC-International Kinesiology College (TFH-System), Applied Physiology, Educating Alternatives, EDU-K Foundation, Health Kinesiology System, Melbourne Applied Physiology (LEAP), Three in One Concepts, Facial Harmony, Institute for Neurobiology based on the work of Dr. Klinghardt.
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Institut Fur Kinesiologie, Zurich

Bernhard Studer and Rosmarie Sonderegger
IKAMED- Integrative Kinesiologie ist eine moderne Methode zur Fšrderung und Erhaltung der Gesundheit. Integrative Kinesiologie ist eine revolutionþre Methode im Gesundheitswesen. Integrierter Bestandteil sind als Kinesiologie Richtungen die TFH-Kinesiologie, die EDU-Kinesiologie und die Wellness-Kinesiologie. KernstŸck der IK Integrativen Kinesiologie sind die 50 Lebensthemen des Menschen, welche in Anlehnung an das humanistische Menschenbild gelehrt werden.

Internationale Kinesiologie Akademie (IKA)

Ingeborg L. Weber
The Internationale Kinesiologie Academy offers the established, standard Kinesiology curriculae which have proven effective for more than 25 years around the world. Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Three in One Concepts, Stress-Release, Educating Alternatives and others. NEW Ð Training and extended Training according to the criteria of the Umbrella Association of Liberal Professions in Consulting and Health Promotion (ãFrankfurter Gesprþche", Dachverband fŸr freie beratende und gesundheitsfšrdernde Berufe e.V.") LŸscher-Color-Diagnostic and Regulation-Psychology with Prof. LŸscher, Geobiological Assistant, Business Coaching,Health Promoting Kinesiologist, Kinesiologist Advisory on Learning , Kinesiologist Advisory on Living .

Kinesiology Institute

John Varun Maguire
If you are already a massage therapist, nutritional consultant, holistic health practitioner, personal trainer or other health professional, the tools you acquire will make a dramatic impact in your results with your clients. Many graduates attract new clients using Kinesiology skills. Learn the procedures of Kinesiology and gain confidence and effectiveness to help your clients solve their problems and reach their goals.


Vor gut 30 Jahren begann Dr. John F.Thie, ein amerikanischer Chiropraktiker, die Behandlungsmethode Touch for Health zu entwickeln. Der Beweggrund fur seine Forschungsarbeit war der Wunsch, eine Methodenform zu entwickeln, welche einfach in der Anwendung ist. Vorallem in der Familie gibt es immer wieder Probleme, welche uns das ganze Leben begleiten....

IBK Logo

Österreichische Akademie
für Kinesiologie und Gesundheit

hat zum Ziel, jedem der Interesse hat, Kinesiologie als wunderbares und effizientes Werkzeug zur Selbsthilfe für sich selbst und andere näher zu bringen. Diese Seite informiert Sie über unsere Tätigkeitsfelder und unser Ausbildungsangebot und verschafft Ihnen unter der Rubrik "was ist Kinesiologie" einen schnellen Überblick über die Stärken einzelner kinesiologischer Methoden, und ihre spannende Geschichte.

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Kinesiology College of Ireland

The Kinesiology College of Ireland was founded in 1995 in Midleton, County Cork. We offer the only Internationally accredited Kinesiology Diploma course in Ireland.
Our two-year Diploma course leads to membership of the Professional Register of the KCI. A three-year Post-graduate Higher Diploma is also available.
Do you prefer your learning in smaller bites? Our single modules are just what you need.

Our courses are accredited by:
* International Kinesiology College, Australia
* Topping Institute International, Washington State
* International Institute of Applied Physiology, Arizona
* Gateways College, California

Optimum Health Balance

The Optimum Health Balance Kinesiology group has also recently launched its web site. It contains details of 20 therapists, a full explanation of this form of kinesiology, selected case histories and training courses.

Praxis Integrative Achberg

Praxis Integrative Achberg was the first school in Germany to offer a training program for natural healers that is based on Touch for Health and Applied Physiology and integrates them into a full-spectrum conventional program, and it is still the only school in Germany that offers such a combined program. Situated on Lake Constance and with numerous Swiss students attending, the school also takes the Swiss regulations for natural healers into account. It is a pilot school for the project Höhere Fachprüfung Komplementärtherapie.

Vida kinesiología

Juan Carlos Monge and Francesca Simeon
La kinesiolog’a es un sistema de salud dentro de las denominadas "medicinas complementarias". Mediante el test muscular, utiliza el lenguaje corporal como referencia para mejorar, integrar y relacionar aspectos f’sicos, nutricionales, emocionales, mentales y energéticos de la persona.