The following are a few techniques that have been designed to be simple, easy and effective. Their simplicity is deceptive as the results are often profound. They may be used by anyone without any prior learning or health care experience. Clinitions and practitioners use them with great benefit to their patients or clients, and many families enjoy them at home. These techniques have been tried by at least a million people throughout the world and are found to be consistently effective, in subtle or dramatic ways.

Zip Up, Switch-on, Tune-In

(Complete Edition, 36-39)
These basic exercises are usually used as Preliminary Balancing activities
before any TFH session, but may also be used as Stand-Alone Energizers.
Try them first thing in the morning, before/during/after any challenging task,
to clear your head during a workbreak, or whenever you need a "lift".

ESR (Emotional Stress Release)

Although one of the simplest techniques in the TFH system, it is consistently
emphasized by students, instructors, and practitioners as immediately effecive,
and often very powerful in its results. This one simple exercise my change your life.
(Just hold your forhead, and focus your awareness on the stress you are experiencing related to past events, present efforts, or future challenges.)

Neurolymphatic Reflexes

(Complete Edition p51)
In the Touch for Health System, we integrate 7 different types of Touch Reflexes
to facilitate and balance muscle function, postural alignment and energy flow.
This page illustrates all of the Neurolymphatic Massage points, which are stimulated
with firm pressure, either as a general energizer, or individually in relation to specific muscles
and energy circuits.

One-Point (Assessment) Balancing

(Complete Edition p237/47)
Using principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory,
we can assess the pattern of Energy blockage/imbalance, and choose a key point
that will balance the whole system.

5-Element Color Balance

(Complete Edition p262/75)
Once you know how to use an individual muscle as an Indicator for Bio-feedback,
you can see which colors resonate with you related to your current goal(s) or stress.
Applying ESR and Visualization in this context, we have a quick protocol for a global
balance of the Five Elements/Meridians/Posture. This is a fun way to balance,
needn't take very long, and often has immediate emotional as well as physical benefits.