"I can personally recommend the training. Dr. Thie demystifies and simplifies Touch for Health so that I can easily and effortlessly use it on a daily basis with my family and friends and clients for lasting benefits to the quality of our lives."

Paul Dennison
Founder, Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym
John Thie image
Alice Thie Vieira and Paul Dennison 2005 Touch for Health Annual Meeting

"I use TFH daily in my life to stay balanced and centered. TFH is a integral part of my life with friends and familyl, using the techniques to help a friend who is exhausted or someone just out of the hospital etc. I doubt that I go to a party or a friend's house for dinner that I do not use one or more of the TFH skills in one way or another. The techniques are always at my fore front. In my private practice, I integrate TFH, PKP, Three-IN-One techniques to further the psychological work that is needed."

Alice Thie Vieira
Psychologist and John Thie's sister

This course is a must for lay-people and professionals who are working with Touch for Health.

Venera Aebischer and Ueli Meier
Altbugon and Binningen Switzerland
John Thie image
Serra Retreat, Malibu, site of Mat Thie's ITW and Intensive workshops

"Health from Within. Health self directed. Wholistic Health. A Wheel of Health. In a wheel of health the Spirit-mind-emotions -(physical) body nourish, support, heal one another. In TFH the client is in charge of their own healing process. The source of the healing is connected to the universal source of healing. TFH is a healing process which respects the clients dignity, integrity, self respect, self worth, self healing powers, give the client power, information and skills to continue their healing in a positive process according to their own particular belief. I believe I have experienced all of the above in my balancing for health through the TFH process. I believe TFH is a right of the people to be able to claim health for themselves, family and others."

Sister Angeline Walczyk
Director of Hospital Alternative Health Programs
Fort Wayne, Indiana

"When I came for the TFH training I was exhausted and becoming ill. Even though my symptoms worsened, with the daily balances I received I was still able to attend class and absorb the material. In fact, I was encouraged to sleep if I needed to! That empowered me to be more present most of the time! At the same time, my personal life was a bit topsy-turvy with no home to return to and having been separated from my husband over a year. I came thinking I wanted to take my life a couple specific directions, but the muscle testing showed me I was not so very certain and needed to expand my options and views. This opened my mind and actually began to turn around my physical health too. I came to TFH to get another set of tools to serve my patients and came away with that, plus a lot of tools to help myself!"

Bonnie Borgstrom, LMT
Ketchikan Alaska

"I have been working in the personal growth and healing areas for approximately 15 years e.g. teaching in education , personal awareness, clairvoyance, personal counseling, healing, mind powers, metal bending, personal growth and intuitive massage. During this time I have undertaken a number of courses to further my own healing and growth e.g. Mind powers, personal counseling, Inner child workshops, Meditation classes, etc. At this time I am retraining more in the alternative health area as a full-time practitioner, dealing with the above areas, plus remedial massage. Additionally , I will be utilizing TFH for balancing and healing my clients, to achieve quicker, more consistent results.

I consider the 6-Day Seminar I attended with John Thie from 1 December to 7 December 96 to be one of the most effective courses I have ever attended in this area of study. The course content is set out clearly and can be learned easily, the instruction is concise and very enjoyable, and the practice sessions are effective in helping us to retain the learning and in building our confidence in applying the learnings. The results are consistently demonstrated and are effective . During the course, I dealt with a number of issues (as a patient?) which I have been dealing with for several years, and with which I had made only partial progress. During this 6 day seminar, all these issues have been resolved to the point where they are now negligible, permitting me to move in my chosen direction faster and more effectively, i.e., my personal healing has been accelerated to a tremendous degree--this includes healing of several physical problems such as low back pain.

I recommend this course to anyone entering the alternative health field as a practitioner, to anyone working in the alternative health field, anyone in a regular health practice, or anyone who wishes to participate in their own healing, or the healing of any of their family, to a greater degree and in a more effective way. In short, I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in health and a full life, their own or someone elses."

Helge Trneny
Maylands, Western Australia

"More than being an easy introduction to TFH or a repetition, this course proved to be a powerful experience for beginner and experience muscle testors. Watching everyday every member of the group getting interviewed about their goal and the balance, seeing the positive change in expression, face and posture; and feeling in yourself, too, is more convincing than words can tell. We all benefited from the long experience of Dr. John Thie and his many useful hints how to apply the TFH techniques more effectively. I don't know of any course where students can benefit so much personally and technically in such a short time. Highly recommended for everyone."

Thomas Bissinger
Ulm, Germany

Improvement at School and at Home

Denise Schenck reports she was having a lot of problems with her sons at school. The methods of Paul Dennison, educational kinesiologist, came to her attention. She had Margriet help her sons and the results were incredible. She then started taking classes herself and now feels she has self worth and the change in her had big influences on her entire family. Jusi Peter says after listening to Margriet talking about TFH, she was very impressed and started taking classes in TFH and Brain Gym. During this time she was less nervous and learned to like her own body. She now believes because she has changed her whole family has changed also and they are more harmonious.

Margriet DeWild, Switzerland

TFH Every Day

TFH, a system of fix-as-you-go, getting the body to work for you, holds many possibilities for me. After my first introduction to TFH I used the methods only when I was forced to make the time to help myself so that I could feel fit. Having done TFH 1, 2, & 3, Stress Without Distress, Tibetan Energy, and the Instructor Training Workshops, I now daily apply the methods to myself. Many times I have had to comment to myself that it was on the average one day in six months that I would feel well, full of energy. The energy question had plagued me for years. What was happening to my energy? There were situations I faced which turned me off and I could not turn on again. I was unable to come up with alternate ways of dealing with situations. My health was not what it should be. I had to find a natural way to deal with these problems.

TFH has provided me with the knowledge to find the natural way. Now whenever I feel a pain, I am able to associate it with the meridian, lymphatic or ever neuro-vascular points and apply the necessary techniques and I get an ease. The beauty about it, is that wherever I am, I can use these methods without anyone having to look at me and wonder if I am crazy. TFH is a wonderful technique to use. I delight in using it on myself and others and observing the relief provided to stressed organs in the human body. I look forward with great anticipation to my continued use and application of TFH.

Carole Gabriel

Kathrin Blattler says a pupil of hers was in kinesiological therapy. She started to read about the subject and attended some schools in EDUK and TFH. She now uses Brain Gym every day in her classroom. TFH has given her a new understanding of her body and a new relationship to her body as well. Christian B. reports she was healthy, had a good marriage, but not a satisfying sexual relationship. This had been going on for about two years. She also experienced lower back pain. She had tried physical therapy. Her physical therapist uses TFHS in her practice. Upon her recommendation I was anxious to know how it would work on me. Within nine months, her lower back pain disappeared and she found a new start in her sexual relationship."Like a modern healing shaman...""...teaching a group of apprentices, Dr. Thie teaches each student to not only know and understand TFH, but in the process know about themselves as well. During this seemingly alchemical process, we came away with a greater sense of awe of the elegance and brilliance of the human design, its ability to heal itself, and a deep understanding of the universal truth that we are all truly connected."

Gary Lee Williams
Martial Arts Instructor, New York City

Tools to Enhance Your Life

"The training has been tremendously more than I expected. It is not only the TFH techniques, but the experience of personally learning from Dr. Thie. John has provided me with tools to enhance my life and achieve my goals. I experienced an exciting inspirational shift and a sense of empowerment. TFH affirms the miracle that we are. John's teaching is thorough, expert, motivating, and encouraging. He exudes a personal warmth and a respect and concern for each participant."

Jayne Brogan Body worker, San Anselmo, CA

"Now I Feel Like DancingFay Regan, age 49, first contacted me on July 30, 1991, complaining of headaches, neck pain, and pain down the back and left leg, accompanied by foot cramping and tight gluteals. She had been to an ophthalmologist and a neurologist for tests and stated they found nothing that would account for the symptoms. She had recently completed teaching two workshops in the Bahamas, teaching forty children the basics of sailing and was also actively involved in sailboat racing.

On my first evaluation of 42 muscles as identified in the Touch for Health Synthesis, eighteen were not functioning appropriately. The balancing procedure reactivated these muscles so that the body could realign itself and take the stress off the system. Over the course of five additional sessions in the next six weeks we were able to test for, identify, and correct hip strain, ileocal valve imbalance, muscle reactivity, shock absorbers in the right arm and left leg, contra lateral joint interlink, ionization imbalance and breathing function. I also continued balancing the meridians at each session and, most importantly, identifying and balancing for specific emotions related to each function. At this time, all symptoms had been relieved.

I next heard from her on January 21, 1992. She had recently driven from Minnesota and was again complaining of pain down the left leg, after having been pain-free since the previous sessions. In a 42-muscle evaluation, 23 muscles needed balancing. The anterior and oblique gait functions also required correction. We identified and balanced for the emotions related to these functions. I saw her again on January 27. There was no further pain in the left leg, but she asked for help regarding tight hamstrings. Also she felt as though the left side of her body was not responding as appropriately as the right side. Neurological disorganization (switching) was occurring, which she corrected using an applied kinesiology technique. Hypertonic muscle techniques released the hamstrings.

Since there had been a recurrence of the leg pain we next used the "Injury Recall Technique" as adapted from the work of Walter Schmitt, Jr., D.C. He says the most important question to ask a patient is, "Any previous history of trauma?" He suggests the withdrawal reflex of the original injury and the body memory of neuromuscular stress are continually being reinforced by normal activation of the flexor muscle reflex pathways. As more injuries are sustained, more neuromuscular stress develops, leaving one more vulnerable to future injury.

The test and correction differs for injury patterns above and below the base of the neck and is based on the work of the podiatrist, Robert P. Crotty, who found that almost every injury in the body produces a change in the foot on the same side. Schmitt found that while it was flexor activity in the body, it was extensor activity in the neck that was involved in the withdrawal process. When the memory of old injuries is cleared out it affects every joint in the body, creating greater range of motion due to release of neuromuscular tension. Results appear to be permanent. Two previous injury patterns were successfully addressed using this method. She commented at the end of the session, "I feel like going out and dancing."

Bill Cook
Miami, Florida
(First Published in the Dade County Massage Therapy Association Newsletter)

Relief from the Stress of Surgery

"Ann B. had pain in her shoulders caused by oral surgery compounded by stress for over 18 months. She was losing sleep, feeling tension and all activities were limited. She experienced pain in her neck, shoulders, and upper back. She had tried anti-inflammatories and Tylenol as well as massage therapy. Her massage therapist referred her to TFH. After the first session she felt much more relaxed and flexible. After four sessions she was able to be more involved in usual activities."

Jonti Searll, Sports Massage Therapist at the Kinetic Centre

Thawed Feet and Emotionally Fine

Steve Hudson suffered from ME for almost two years and had investigated various therapies with varying degrees of success.

"The most powerful and helpful therapy that I used was Touch for Health. The first time I had a TFH balance, it seemed like a miracle. For the first time in over a year, I had no symptoms at all and felt perfectly healthy and happy. Although this state did not last very long, continual treatment has led to a gradual improvement in my health, so that although I still have low periods they are much less severe than they were before and the good periods are better and last longer."

He states he has gone from rock bottom to absolutely fine after some sessions with Marge. He goes on the relate: "It has helped my physical symptoms of tiredness, weakness, and muscle pain, and also mental symptoms. My bouts of depression are much more infrequent and I am much more mentally composed and alert, thanks to TFH techniques such as Emotional Stress Release and various Brain Integration exercises. My feet are also at body temperature, instead of being frozen for the first time since I fell ill. The main advantage of TFH for me has been its ability to enable me to test the effect on my body of almost anything (food, supplements, medication, treatment, therapies). TFH saves me both time and money."

Marge Donde, South Africa

A Wasp Sting Soothed

Pixie Cranny tells of her son, Mark, who was allergic to wasps. After a recent sting on a spot on his wrist flexure on the heart meridian, a friend applied Reiki to the bite while Pixie balanced by priority using finger modes and techniques from TFH and 3-in-1, including reactive auras and leading circuits. The result was little swelling and fatigue that two hours sleep relieved. Her son was back at work (manual labor) four hours after the bite.

Toni Lilly, Australia

Ease and Efficiency of the Professional Health Provider System

"The excitement I have for my clinic work now is in large part due to the ease and efficiency of the Professional Health Provider System. In my early clinic days, it was a matter of guessing which method do I think would apply here, sometimes hit and miss, sometimes spot on and always to help nevertheless. Now I am able to hone in on the priority need for the person always with great results.

I have particularly enjoyed working with children and in their acceptance of kinesiology is absolute and completely trusting. This makes for the best self-help and healing successes. As a result of these children making changes for themselves, teachers have commented and asked, 'How come?' enabling me to talk to parents and friends associations, teacher's meetings and leadership camps. This of course, exposes more people to kinesiology and its potentials.

My client's successes have included body balances to release emotions, particularly with regard to physical release for colonic irrigation, improvement of obsessive/compulsive behavior, weight loss and control of candida albicans and cessation of smoking.

Among my most rewarding successes is that of a young boy I worked with in Canberra some three years ago, before I moved to Queensland. Glen is autistic and came with his grandparents to see me. He had been diligently following the exercise program that was appropriate for him and was thrilled to tell me that he had been placed in regular school and no longer needed to attend a special school. I, too, shared his excitement and balanced him for integrating himself with his new classmates.

Through my clinic I am constantly reminded of the power of kinesiology and impressed with the results that my clients achieve when the choice for greater health and well-being is made available to them."

Toni Lilly, Australia

Rewards with Elderly

We have all experienced the immediate transformation that sometimes happens with a TFH balancing (particularly with children and animals), but one that stands out in my memory happened a couple of summers ago. I was the resident TFHer for the summer at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in upstate New York, giving TFH workshops and doing individual balancing. One weekend an elderly lady (about 73 years old) showed up. She complained about everything. She was foul in the mouth, nothing was right and we all wondered whatever on earth she was doing there. I was therefore not at all enthusiastic when she booked a TFH balancing. I prefer to work with gentle, spiritually minded people, which is why I was working in an Ashram. I seem to get the best results when I can tune into and blend my energies with those of a client's. With this woman, there was no way!

Upon entering the balancing room, she rimed a list of problems, aches, and pains, which she refused to accept and which nobody had been able to do anything about. She did this in a defiant, rude, and crude way. I really did not think I could do anything for her either, but dutifully proceeded to give her the best TFH balancing I could, which I felt she considered a bunch of nonsense. Then I forgot about her.

The next day she turned up for a new balancing session. What was that incredible thing I had done? Her aches and pains had been dramatically reduced and for the first time in several years she could move her body and limbs freely. She wanted more of the same. Her initial reaction to the place had also changed. Whereas she had originally planned on returning to New York the following day, she stayed for the whole week and had balancing every day. You know she was really a nice lady. Her attitude changed completely and so did her language, and she made me realize how rewarding it can be to work with older people. Like Jim Reid says, "This stuff really works!"

Frank Jensen in Spain

What Children Have to OfferBarbara says,

"My children had the opportunity to participate in a junior TFH class. Although structured for children, the course included all important aspects, e.g. every element of the wheel, muscle testing for eight muscles, balancing, simple techniques to release stress. The presentation was of a very nigh standard and appealing to children of different age groups. All participants could relate to the materials given immediately and interest was maintained throughout the day."

From a father: "Thanks, Pat, for your time and information to introduce children to TFH. So much information was introduced in an interesting and easy-to-use form. Without exception, I noticed all the children who tested me at the workshop could detect switched "on-and-off". Children seem to have a "feel" or understanding which goes beyond physical muscle testing. I was "feather touch" balanced which didn't provide me with a reading, but the children could detect. Thank you for helping me to see that we are all equal, children and adults. As adults, we have the responsibility and privilege to encourage children to express that part which our eyes can not see. What children have to offer is restricted by the limits we adults place on them."

Barbara, Katrin and George

Help for an Actress

Recently I was a volunteer massage therapist before and during the European Snowboard Championships in Leysin. I used several minutes of the half-hour I had with each client to do TFH pretests, test for dehydration, 5-finger quick-fix, and ESR. One evening with my last client, I gave some extra time and did a full clanix (Swedish) massage. My client could not raise her left arm over her head. She explained that as an actress during a scene, she was to slap someone and when she did her shoulder popped out and popped back in and that it was very painful. I asked her if it still hurt and if she was afraid. She responded affirmatively. I suggested we try ESR.

I put my fingers on the frontal prominences and asked her to visualize or talk about everything she was afraid of if she raised her arm over her head. She felt it would take some time to work with her and I told her to take all the time necessary. I noticed her going through some emotions: sighing, some twitching, tears in her eyes, etc. When she said she was finished, I asked her to think of a time when she could raise her arms over her head, to swing on a tree branch or stretch: anything she had done and not felt fear. All the while I was holding the frontal prominences. Again, several minutes passed. She related to me an incident ten years previous when she had experienced and epileptic seizure and she was diagnosed as an epileptic, however, that was an unacceptable conclusion as she had never had a seizure prior to or since that one time. She said when she regained consciousness that her left shoulder hurt and had been blocked (frozen) since then. She then went into psychoanalysis and tried other techniques such as Felden Krais.

After telling me of this seizure, I asked her if she had ever thought that perhaps her shoulder was frozen from the fear of having another seizure and/or of being epileptic. She replied she hadn't thought of that. I then asked her to imagine how it would feel to raise her arm over her head again and to feel freedom without pain. She spontaneously held both arms over her head, touched me and said, "Oh, look at my arm!" I told her to go gently with her arm as it was probably stiff and to take deep breaths, then I released the frontal prominences. In the course of the session she related some relational problems she has with her mother. And years ago, someone had asked her if there were problems in the mother-daughter relationship, but she had completely forgotten about that question. I saw her several days later and she was very pleased and still able to lift both arms above her head.

Mary Harrington of Switzerland

Years After an Accident--Finally a Change

I have used TFH techniques for over ten years with much success. What follows is perhaps the most dramatic of the many TFH success stories I could tell. A woman came to me who had been in an automobile accident seven years previously. I was amazed at how stiff she was. I tried to get her onto my table, but she said that since surgery five years ago, she could no longer bend her body. I asked more questions and also called the referring chiropractor. He told me that he and the medical doctors could not find any medical reason for the prolonged stiffness.

Before giving her a massage, I tried TFH techniques. Her extreme stiffness invalidated any of the test results. Consequently, I tested her son (who she had brought with her) as a surrogate. On all checked systems: mental, emotional, and physical, tests came up with a good reading. Although she had been in my treatment room for three hours, I knew I was still missing something, so I continued testing.

Going a step further, I checked fear and everything came up weak. Using the TFH book with its wonderful pictures, I showed her the separate muscle, meridian, and neuromuscular holding patterns. I explained to her how each system worked independently yet, at the same time, how an action in one system caused a reaction in the other system. As she began to understand more about the functioning of her body, she became angry that during all the years of her pain, no one had tried to explain these things to her.

Even though it was still an effort, she got on my table for a massage. As I worked, I could feel her relaxing and enjoying the non-invasive massage treatment. After she was dressed, she bent over and picked up her purse. With tears in her eyes, she said she was on her way over to see the chiropractor. Within 45 minutes he called me and wanted to know what happened in my office. He said she entered his office, sat comfortably in a chair, and easily got on his table. After I explained to him what I had done, he was awestruck and kept saying, "I had heard of TFH, but had never seen it used in this manner."

This is the end of the story. However, I can never praise Dr. Thie enough for the work he's done. I and my clients thank you for Touch for Health.

Ladonna L. Whiteford, Massage Therapist

Chiropractor Learns New Tricks

I first heard of TFH as a first-year chiropractic student, but I didn't understand meridians and I hadn't learned enough anatomy and physiology yet (plus I had plenty of other material to memorize). Then I saw the charts on a wall at the clinic (Cleveland C.C. in Los Angeles). Still it was a blur to me. Now I'm in private practice specializing in non-force adjusting and getting great results. After one year I learned a little and saw TFH work, so I pulled out some old notes and bought a workbook and have been doing it for one month. Fantastic! It has really impressed me and my patients! It wasn't hard to learn and it is amazing what a small amount of pressure in the right place can do! Thank you.

Derek E. King, D.C.
Vista, California

"After 21 years with Cerbral Palsey, woman takes first stepAt the end of 1988, I returned to live in San Miguel de Allende, a city of 100,000 located about four hours north of Mexico City. With the interest and help of friends I founded a massage school here in with TFH as the main technique taught. We have started with very small classes. The program is three months long, five hours a day, five days a week. Our first class graduated in mid-November, 1991. They are able to test and balance 42 muscles in fifteen minutes. They also know how to give a complete massage.

The students of the second class are teachers at the city's public school for handicapped children. We started to work with a 21-year-old woman damaged at birth by cerebral palsy. Never in her entire life had she been able to sit up, stand up, much less walk. She had, in fact, spent those first 21 years on her stomach on the dirt floor of her house. Despite this deprivation, Hortencia is a delightful person with a wonderful sense of humor. To tell you the truth, I had no idea if we could have any successes with her, but I did recognize in her real "intestinal fortitude," more commonly called guts and determination.

We did surrogate testing of the 42 muscles, balancing and all the range-of-motion exercises, working with her twice a week. An American support group, Los Amigos, took her on as a special project, furnished her transportation to and from the clinic and also took her twice weekly to a local hot springs, where the 14 basic range-of-motion exercises were applied to her in the small hot pool, after which she floated and propelled herself all around the Olympic-sized swimming pool securely supported in a life jacket. This was her first experience of independence! Her mother learned how to help Hortencia through all 42 exercises at home and does this on a daily basis. About four weeks later, Hortencia could bend her torso and sit with help. A couple of weeks after that we stood her up and she took her first step, with the help of us all."

Dorothy Gonzalez Morales in Mexico

Help for Muscular Dystrophy

"My condition is a progressive disease (muscular dystrophy) which is a neurological condition and the extremities are most affected. There are about 40 different types of MD so it is difficult to generalize. However, my back, spine, and feet are all affected. I have had this disease since age 11. One neurologist says it is inherited and both my brother and sister have more severe cases than myself. I have some pain in spine and shoulders and poor balance. I have had chiropractic treatments since age 14. I am now 69.

TFH has been much a part of my daily living. My husband and I do some balancing on the pain areas. We do meridian massage daily. We also do a lymphatic massage and if we find a sore spot we work it out using the TFH book. At present, I take treatments once a month from J. Spring, D.C. I also am invited by Irene Y. to help with hands-on learning of TFH techniques in classes she teaches. She tells her classes that I would be in a wheelchair if it weren't for the many things I do to keep my body so near balanced as possible."

Marge Dondefor

Lower Back Pain

"Vanessa S. had experienced lower back pain and muscle spasms for 10 days. The pain shot down her right leg impairing her mobility, walking sitting, driving, etc. She had tried massage therapy and had no doubts about trying TFH. After her session she was greatly improved and walking without pain."

Gabrielle in Canada

"Bringing TFH to the FamilyFrom several parents and children who attended a TFH Workshop for Juniors: Mom Janelle says, "After doing TFH 1, 2, & 3, I thought there is no end to learning, but I wanted someone at home to be able to work on me, so after many years, my 15 year old daughter has done her first course. Her instructor, Pat, used colors rather than the name of the muscles. I noticed seven-year-olds memorizing and correcting. The earlier TFH is taught, the better off our children will be."

And her daughter, Renae: "I thought the whole course was great! Pat did a wonderful job in explaining everything and all the stuff that I learned has sunk in and is really easy to understand. I'm really glad I did this because since the day of the course, Mum and I have been working on each other with everything in the folder. It was definitely worth it."

Pat Ashtill

Taking it Home

"My daughter, Courtney, and I recently spent a wonderful day with instructor Pat at a junior TFH workshop. Although my daughter is only seven years old, she had no difficulty following what was taught and stayed full of enthusiasm all day long, even until bedtime! The workshop was presented simply and effectively in a way that children could relate to as well as the teens present. TFH has been a part of my life for five years, so I am delighted to be able to share the techniques with Courtney.

And from Courtney: "Dear Dr. Thie, my name is Courtney. I am seven years old. I have just done TFH junior workshop with Pat Ashtill. We learned eight muscle tests and coloured the muscle sheet. I have a folder of all my sheets. Now I do balances on the family."

Julie and Courtney