Testimonials 2002

TFH is a very useful and fulfilling technique to help people help themselves.

It still amazes me as to the simplicity and effectiveness of this art. I recommend this training to anyone who is sincere in improving and expanding their goals in the profession. The hands-on approach is extraordinary. Professionally presented wtih actual cases and completely explained In professionally confident to help other people with relief of their pains. Its wonderful to have the use of this knowledge to support me. Thank You Dr. Thie, Carrie, Matthew and Luther.

8/26/2002 Sal Perez CO USA

The direct connection to the source was powerful in many ways. The immersion method, while challenging, was extremely effective. Small class with personal attention made everyone feel special, loved and supported. The range, volume and depth of information presented will most likely exceed your expectations . Dr Thie is intimately connected to the unique needs of each student unlike other trainings that I have experienced where the instructor seems disconnected with the students. Beside the immense amount of information and knowledge that I learned, I feel renewed , understanding of the connection between my soul, mind body and my fellow man. I extend a heartfelt thank you to you Dr. Thie, Carrie, Matthew and Luther. 8/26/2002

Earl Cook GA USA

Just to be at Serra Retreat would have been worth the trip

First, one of my main goals, which was to learn to use TFH as a spiritual , emotional and personal development tool was met on the first day and expanded on all of the following days. Before coming to the program we knew how to do many muscle tests properly, however, there were some that we had questions about that were answered. The many nuances of the testing and procedures were clearly explained and demonstrated. The hands on methods gave me opportunities to learn and refine my previous knowledge of TFH.

I recommend the training because it would be almost impossible to learn all that we did from the book. The instructors Dr. Thie, Carrie and Matthew were extremely knowledgeable and great educators. They truly care about each and every one of their students and make every effort to answer all questions. This training program far exceeded all my expectations.

And ...just to be at Serra Retreat would have been worth the trip. Serra is so gorgeous , so peaceful and such a spiritual place.

This training compares favorably to other trainings because of the immersion method and extensive hands-on training. Being at a retreat gave everyone a chance to discuss and review our daily classes and to empathize with other students about concerns and to share what we had learned.

I personally gained much more confidence in myself as a user and provider of TFH methods and in the power of the methods to benefit myself and others. I also met an incredible group of people that I hope to include in my life in the future. I also gained a few pounds from all the food I ate. Just kidding.

Gail Cook GA USA

I found the 5 day training program useful in the following ways: I was taught through total immersion allowing me to experience personally the outstanding results using the techniques/methods being taught. This new information will give me more options/skills in deciding what might be the best method in helping bring the joy and passion back into my clients lives.

8/26/2002 Shirley Dodd CO USA

I have a beautiful voice to train now! I have confidence to follow my path & to do whatever comes across my path.

I found the 5 day training program useful in the following ways: provide clarity & insight to what is written in the book (I have more of a picture and movie in my mind so I can learn and remember the techniques. 5 days provided a big picture . 14+14+14 separate seminars (I can visualize the completion of the puzzle even though I have not all of the pieces together yet.

I recommend the training because there are no other trainers like the Thie's, and they have given more than the 110% I expected. I have received at least 10,000% They have mastered the art of teaching and continue to evolve in the process. The beauty is future participants and repeaters will receive more than +10,000% I have experience this time.

Despite the seemingly high cost, I feel I have saved money since I learned more than the basics should I have gone elsewhere. I did right the 1st time. I recommend TFH with John Thie since he has to ability to custom design the seminar to each participant, teach all his objectives for the seminars, alleviate any confusions and still manage to give more within 5 days.

This training compares with other training by having tools we can walk away with to confidently expand multifold on what we learn in class. The decades of knowledge and preparation are quite extensive. The result is a mass of information simplified for anyone who is not aware of TFH to walk away with the ability to do TFH. What seems like the Mt Everest in learning TFH and anything in life now is only a gradual incline. Therefore, available for anyone.

If anyone is looking for the right TFH teacher, the Thies can provide the best and most solid foundation. The participant has nowhere to go but up and as far as he wants afterwards. I personally gain from the seminar in the following ways: Gain life time friends. Makes me glad to be alive and to appreciate and live in the present with plenty of hope for the future. Ability to relax, learn, teach, help others and to continue to grow up and learn what I perceive to a much faster pace than before. Joy, vitality peace calm.

Reborn, I can be happy now I found who I am Dr. Thie and Carrie( I still like Mrs Thie, since I have been using Dr. Thie.) Keep doing what you are doing! It works! You are role models not only for TFH but as parents, spouses, friend, mentor, teacher You are both beautiful and young. I wish you much health, happiness and prosperity. Thank You, Thank you. Merci beacoup.

Matthew, Thank you I look forward to following future developments with TFH. I am impressed with your presence, mind, teaching ability and people skills. Please let me know when you are in Toronto or Canada so I can send you customers Now after 3 pages of feedback I would like feedback on the feedback!

8/26/2002 Jean Louie Canada