Testimonials 2003

Five Day Touch for Health Intensive, April 21, 2003

I found the 5-day program useful on both a personal and professional level. The incorporated use of metaphor with the muscle testing is the "symphony" I've been looking to join! This subtle energy model has significantly expanded my consciousness as well as providing me with skills to help others. Enjoying a deepening sense of wholeness I can only say that TFH touches my soul. Thank you, Dr. Thie for being a pioneer, role model, great listener and shining example for us all. A special thank you to Carrie for many reasons. 4/21/2003 Kevyn Kennedy

I found the 5-day training program useful in the following way: I have been studying Applied Kinesiology for the last 8 months or so, and I found that it was very difficult to follow and learn what was being taught in the large groups. With the Touch For Health 5-day intensive course, it was much easier to learn the information step-by-step and have my questions answered. I recommend the training because it is a great way to improve one's health. 4/21/2003 Ilya Skolnikoff

I found the 5-day training useful in helping me look at myself as well as to look at a person globally in treatment, not just "fixing parts". I recommend the training because it is a model that makes sense and takes care of people in a truly holistic (whole) way, unlike anything else I have ever studied. I truly appreciated the faith/spiritual perspective. These days people are afraid to discuss their view or relationship with God - and what could be more important!? The training is open, honest and dynamic. I personally gained from the seminar by looking at myself, developing a wonderful friendship, and adding some new skills in my repertoire for my clients and myself. 4/25/2003 Cheryl Hiebert

Five Day Touch for Health Intensive, May 23, 2003

1) I found the 5-day training useful in the following ways: More insite into the techniques and philosophy of Touch For Health - intensive training without distractions in a wonderful place.

2) I recommend the training because it is a small group with a lot of time to treat each participant individually - I really get the purpose and emphasis of TFH by the founder, with the most outstanding experiences.

3) This training compares with other training by being more holistic because of the spiritual part, the communication session, and the very special setting/place - most complete with audio-visual aids.

4) I personally gained from the seminar in the following ways: - More confidant with TFH and interview techniques. - More know-how and deeper understanding. -New motivation to continue the work as published in the TFH book and to spread this wonderful method. -A better posture and more joy. -More respect and gratitude for the simple and ingenious method you have given to us & to the world.

Thank you so much - as in "Bahasa Indonesia" we say "Terima hasih" (= receive love).
5/23/2003 Elizabeth Demuth

I found the 5-day training program useful, in that I gained a deeper understanding of the muscle testing. It enabled me to understand the work as both giver and receiver. I have a clearer understanding of the wheel and the 5 elements protocols. I learned to listen to help clients articulate a goal. I have a new way to think about goal setting. I recommend the training because when you finish, you have useful tools for helping others. You can get all your questions answered, and the hands-on training is abundant. Compared to other trainings, this training is more personalized because the group is so small. I personally gained from the seminar by clarifying personal issues, reframing concerns in my life in a positive way, and therapeutic skills were modeled that I wish to emulate.
5/23/2003 Donna Kemper

It is excellent for learning to look at life in a new perspective, and to find a new way of living. I would recommend this training to everyone who has an interest in personal growth and advancement. The knowledge and training of the seminar were incomparable, and it helped me to understand and learn the importance of bringing all aspects of life into balance. Thank you very much!
5/23/2003 Erlends Zieminch

I found the 5-day training program useful because I learned a lot of info plus received balancings, which greatly benefitted me personally and watched others being balanced, which was a learning experience. I recommend the training because the material is very interesting to learn, experience and watch being demonstrated. Compared to other training, this training is treating the whole body/soul at once - an all encompassing type of treatment, in a compassionate, patient, understanding atmosphere. I personally gained from the seminar by learning a great deal - it opened new doors. I grew and improved from my balancings, and I grew and learned from watching others being balanced too.

Thank you, John and Carrie! This program is amazing. I feel fully equiped to apply these teachings. I especially appreciate your wisdom and compassion around having each person totally responsible for their health.

I found the 5-day training program useful because I am a hands-on learner, and hands-on is what this workshop is. I appreciate that all material is within the book for backup when we head home, and mostly that we covered the material in class! The workshop has given me an excellent model for how to approach TFH. Seeing and participating in all the tests and methods makes the concepts real to me. Seeing and doing is understanding. Without the training, I would have been lost. This training does not compare to other training I've been in - but I would hope any future training would compare to this training. I personally gained from the seminar in the following ways:

1) learning the tests and methods;

2) participating in the tests and methods,

and 3) having time to answr my questions.

I feel that I'll best understand the strengths of this training once I am home and practicing TFH. One thing I feel that has improved half-way through the training was opening the window. For myself, natural light (or at least not florescent) strongly encourages my learning and keeps my mental energy at its highest. Activity helps me a lot too; I am thankful for the breaks and practice testing throughout the training that ensured we never sat still for more than an hour or so. Thank you for the training and your dedication.
6/13/2003 Zach LaPerriere