Touch for Health® Workshops taught by Matthew Thie, M.Ed 2021

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Matthew Thie teaching Touch for Health® Kinesiology Workshops


NOTE: Due to ongoing uncertainty about travel and gathering in person in 2021, and to make the foundational core TFH workshops more accessible in the United States, we are teaching the TFH SYNTHESIS ONLINE, with supplementary follow-up PRACTICE DAYS IN-PERSON, in Malibu, California. Call 213 482 4480 with questions or to register over the phone.

The TFH Weekend ONLINE* Workshop Series:
TFH Levels 1-4, Goal-Setting & Metaphor, and Proficiency Assessment

This 6-weekend, 125 hour training program will give you practical hands-on* experience in the TFH system of postural, energetic and mental/emotional balancing, culminating in the Proficiency weekend to confirm your practical and theoretical TFH skills (Proficiency Certificate from the International Kinesiology College- IKC).

For Online "Muscle Testing" we will be using a variety of Self-Noticing through the Range of Motion (SNoRMing), and Self-Applying Pressure in the Contracted Position (SnAP-CaP). With over 100 participants in 2020, this approach has proven Empowering, Easy to Learn, and Highly Effective for Energy Balancing and reinforcing Self-Responsibility.

*HANDS-ON Manual Muscle Test (MMT) Component will be offered as a follow-up in Los Angeles when the time arrives that scheduling is possible (or arrange with your local instructor)

SAVE over $600 when you commit to the pre-paid package. See below, following the workshop calendar.

Call 213 482 4480 with questions.

TFH Clinical Intensive Retreats @ Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, CA

TFH Levels 1-4 in an intensive format, including personal balancing of each participant, with Matthew Thie. Includes room & board at the Franciscan Retreat in Malibu. )

Serra Retreat Center, 3401 Serra Road, Malibu, CA 90265

Due to ongoing uncertainty about travel and gathering in person in 2021, we have not scheduled intensive retreats in 2021. However, an intensive TFH Goal-Setting & Metaphor Retreat is tentatively scheduled for December 2021. This course will immerse you in the foundational techniques of TFH levels 1&2, Goal Setting & Metaphor.

Advanced TFH Synthesis Training

Upon successful completion of the TFH Workshops & Proficiency Assessment, continue on to the advanced TFH Training Workshop for greater depth, advanced practice,and IKC Instructor/Consultant certification. Open to avid students, practitioners, and IKC Certified Instructors.

WORKSHOP Schedule: (This calendar is edited more frequently than the rest of the website!) Scroll past the calendar for Workshop Fees and Discount Package Prices.

Fees and Discount Packages for Workshops

Touch for Health Basic Levels (ALL ONLINE 2021)

Level 1: $400* | Level 2: $400* | Level 3: $400* | Level 4: $400*    

TFH Basic Levels 1-4 IN PERSON Practice Days $150*

Touch for Health Goal-Setting & Metaphors (ONLINE)

TFH Goal-Setting & Metaphors: $400* | TFH Metaphors advanced Training Workshop: $450*

Touch for Health Proficiency / Instructor Update $450* (ONLINE)

Includes written and practical assessment/IKC Certificate of Proficiency.

(For TFH Instructors, includes IKC Registration and Updated TFH Instructor Certificate)

*$50 discount for any weekend workshop paid in advance

Levels 1-4 ONLINE + Package Price:
includes TFH Synthesis (1-4), Goal-Setting & Metaphors, and Proficiency (125 hours)

SAVE over 25% when you commit to the Pre-Paid package:
Complete TFH Synthesis (Levels 1-4, Metaphors, Five In-Person Practice Days, Proficiency Skills Review & Assessment, Certificate and Registration with IKC)

Retail price: $2450; PACKAGE PRICE: $1850 (Save $600)

Online Only TFH Synthesis Proficiency Package Price: $1450

Online-only training from TFH 1-4, through Proficiency and Instructor Training can qualify for certification as an ONLINE TFH Instructor, as of 2021. A follow-up minimum of 8 hours in-person review and practice of the hands-on 1-4 skills is required for certification as an In-Person TFH Instructor + a final 3 hr. review with TFH Faculty. This package includes TFH 1-4, TFH Metaphors, NO In-Person Practice Days, Proficiency Skills Review & Assessment, Certificate and Registration with IKC.

Clinical Intensive Retreat at Serra Retreat in Malibu, California (60 hours)

(includes room and board for workshop dates) 

Immersion into TFH 1-4, with personal balancing of each participnt by Matthew Thie, explanation, demo and practice. $2400 **

**$250 Non-Refundable Deposit required; transferable to another retreat within a year,
with 30 days notice prior to class date.

Advanced TFH Training (60 hours)

Advanced training for practitioners/ Instructor-Consultant certification: $2400**

Usually held in Malibu, at Serra Retreat, December 2020 ONLINE training,will be ONLINE, without Room and Board at Serra Retreat: $1200.

**$250 Non-Refundable Deposit required; transferable to another retreat within a year,
with 30 days notice prior to class date.

TFH Instructor Certification (weekend format) package (195 hours) (save $1000)

 TFH Levels 1-4 (weekend format), Metaphors,
 Proficiency assessment, advanced TFH Training and Metaphors Training

Retail price: $4500; PACKAGE PRICE: $3100 (Save $1300)

TFH CONSULTANT Certification Package (about 250 hours) (save $1750)

TFH Levels 1-4 (weekend format), Goal Setting & Metaphors, Proficiency assessment, advanced TFH Training and Metaphors Training, AND TFH Clinical Intensive.   The TFH Consultant is a new designation (approx 250 hrs. of TFH workshops) from the International Kinesiology College, which began implementation during 2013 -2014. (Additional case studies, ethics and scope of practice education, etc. may be required for final certification-- as recognized prior learning or an additional study -- cost not included in package price.) Includes mentoring/support directly from Matthew Thie through the Instructor and Consultant application and certification processes.

  Retail Price: $7,750; 2020 ONLINE PACKAGE PRICE: $4,800

Refund Policy: Your prepayment or deposit is transferable to another course within the same calendar year, with 30 days notification PRIOR to original class date.